Holy Island (Arran)

Holy Island from Whiting Bay, Arran

Holy Island is off the coast West coast of Scotland, near the Isle of Arran.


Originally called Inis Shroin (House of the Water Spirit), the Holy Island seems to have been a place of great spiritual importance from the time it was founded. The island later became the home of Saint Molaise. He lived in a cave, which has since been named after him.

Today, Holy Island is home to a community of Buddhist monks in the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Apparently a vision of the Virgin Mary persuaded the previous owner to sell it to Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, who is one of the monks. There is a retreat center, a monastery and an interfaith 'Peace Hall.' Note that if you get caught smoking, or if you get found with any amount of alcohol, drugs or tobacco you will be told to leave the island. Pets are also forbidden on the island because of its unique wildlife. This rule has been more emphatically enforced since 2009, when a dog was bought onto the island on a private boat and it killed a rare Soay sheep -- a unique breed.

The highest point on the island is at 314m, and it is around 3km long and 1km wide.

Get in

The only way to get in is to take a boat from Lamlash (see Isle of Arran for details). If you arrive on Arran in Brodick take a ten minute ride on bus number 323 to Lamlash Pier.

By boat

At the Lamlash Pier, board the small Holy Isle Ferry (rather a boat) for a ten minute ride to Holy Island. It is advised to contact the boatman, Jim Blakey, after 6 pm on the evening before your departure to check the times of tides suitable for sailing (phone +44 1770 700463 or +44 7970 771960). Leaflets for the ferry are available all over Arran. Prices are £6 single and £10 return as of 2010.

Between April and the end of October, the Holy Isle Ferry normally runs at times to connect with the 09:45, 12:30 and 15:15 CalMac ferries from Ardrossan harbour.

Whether the ferry runs is influenced by the tides. At strong winds a crossing is not possible.

Get around

This is a small island with no roads, so walking is the only way to get from place to place.


Centre for World Peace and Health



There is a gift shop called The Boathouse near the Peace Hall, selling gifts, recipes and other things.


Meals are only available if you stay at the monastery. For all other things, you can go to the Co-op in Lamlash. Be aware that meat is forbidden to the Buddhists, so only eat your meat in secret!


Alcohol is illegal on Holy Island, and will be frowned upon by the Buddhists. If you get found with any amount of alcohol, drugs or tobacco you will be told to leave the island. On the other hand, you can get free tea and coffee at the gift shop.


Go next

There are no other destinations than going back to Isle of Arran.

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