Hof is in Upper Franconia.


Hof sometimes called Hof an der Saale, to distinguish it from other towns of that name, used to be on the very edge of West Germany, bordering both East Germany and the Czech republic. As such it enjoyed special subsidies until the fall of the wall and has entered a sort of crisis since 1990. Still it it is a lovely town that is rarely visited by casual tourists

Get in

By train

There is a regional express (RE) from both Nuremberg and Dresden with hourly departures. as this used to be a through service, trains from both directions wait for each other in Hof.

By bus

Some Intercity buses in Germany stop in Hof.

By car

Both A 9 and A 72 pass close by

Get around

The Stadtwerke Hof cover most of the city with a dozen bus routes. Other than that the city is not all that big and generally walkable.




As this is Franconia, Bratwurst are obviously very much part of the local cuisine. Hof however has a special feature in the Wärschtlamo (Franconian for Sausage-man, high German would be "Würstchen-Mann") who serves sausages from a mobile stand, street food style.


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