Tips for hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is one of the cheapest ways of traveling. By tradition, hitchhiking is defined as soliciting a ride by standing at the edge of a road, facing traffic, with one's thumb extended/upwards. You can meet a lot of people and make lots of friends. You can also become very frustrated, or encounter danger on the way; today's drivers are more fearful of picking up hitchhikers than in the past. But it's also a great feeling to get a ride after you've been waiting for a long time. People who do pick up hitchhikers tend to be very friendly. However, hitchhikers also risk being picked up by someone who is an unsafe driver or even dangerous to their person.

Hitchhiking in itself is rarely illegal, but there are often rules about where you can do it (e.g. not on highways, near intersections, at bus stops), so read up on the rules first to avoid getting booked for "trespassing" or "obstructing traffic".

There is a Hitchhiking Wiki, which has quite a lot of useful information.


Getting a ride


Attracting a ride

Choosing a ride


Stay safe


This is a brief index of hitchhiking conditions around the world, ranking countries on four indices:

"Varies" means that conditions vary dramatically within the country - please consult the individual country articles linked below for more detail.

Country Popularity Ease Legal Payment expected
Albania common easy yes sometimes
Argentina common medium yes no
Australia rare medium (country)/hard (metropolian) yes no
Austria occasional medium yes no
Belgium occasional easy yes no
Belarus occasional easy yes no
Bhutan common easy yes sometimes
Bolivia common medium yes yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina occasional medium yes no
Brazil rare medium yes no
Bulgaria common medium yes no
Canada common easy varies no
Chile common medium yes no
China occasional medium to hard no (nobody cares) sometimes
Colombia occasional medium to hard yes no
Costa Rica occasional medium yes no
Croatia common easy yes no
Cuba common medium-difficult yes most of the time
Czech Republic common medium yes no
Denmark rare easy to medium yes no
Ecuador rare easy yes no
Estonia common easy yes no
Finland rare medium yes no
France occasional easy-medium yes no
Germany common very easy yes no
Greece rare medium yes no
Hong Kong almost non-existent hard no no
Hungary common easy yes no
Iceland common easy yes no
India rare medium yes sometimes
Indonesia rare medium to hard yes often
Iran rare easy yes no
Ireland common easy yes no
Israel common medium yes no
Italy occasional hard yes no
Japan rare easy yes no
Jordan common easy yes no
Latvia common easy yes no
Lithuania common easy yes no
Luxembourg rare easy to hard yes no
Malaysia rare medium yes no
Mexico varies easy yes often
Moldova common easy yes sometimes
Mongolia rare hard yes often
Morocco rare medium yes most of the time
Myanmar (Burma) rare hard yes - illegal for foreigners no
Netherlands occasional medium-easy yes no
New Caledonia common easy yes no
New Zealand occasional easy yes no
Nicaragua common easy yes no
Nigeria occasional easy yes yes
Norway common in summer medium yes no
Peru rare hard yes sometimes
Philippines rare Medium yes no
Poland common medium to easy yes no
Portugal occasional hard yes no
Romania common medium yes often
Russia common medium yes often
Serbia common medium yes no
Singapore almost non-existent very hard no no
Slovakia common medium yes no
Slovenia common easy yes no
South Africa common depends yes yes (price of minibuses)
South Korea rare easy yes no
Spain occasional medium yes no
Sweden occasional medium yes no
Switzerland occasional very hard yes no
Taiwan rare easy yes no
Tahiti common easy yes no
Thailand occasional easy-medium yes sometimes
Turkey occasional easy yes no
Ukraine common medium yes sometimes
United Kingdom occasional easy-medium (but hard in Wales) yes no
USA rare varies varies no
Uruguay common medium yes no
Country Popularity Ease Legal Payment expected
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