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Hill End is an historic former gold-mining (ghost) township in the Central West region of the Australian state of New South Wales.


Hill End was a thriving town during the New South Wales gold rush era. That era has long past and Hill End is now largely deserted, but many of the historical diggings and buildings remain. The site is under the management of the National Parks service, and most of the sites now well documented and signposted.

Hill End is a popular destination for New South Wales primary school groups, combining a school camp with learning about Australian history.

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Access to Hill End is from Bathurst via Sofala (85 km south of Hill End, 35 km unpaved road) (66 km), Mudgee or Hargraves (72 km, 30 km unpaved)

- Hill End remains as a excellent 4WD destination. The most exciting of these is the Bridle Track which runs from Duramana (North of Bathurst) directly to the town centre of Hill End. Generally the track can be classified as a easy track, however extreme care must be taken as the road surface has been known to change during the different seasons and after heavy rain.

The Bridle Track begins as a narrow tar covered road, however it later changes to dirt. Much of the last 20km is single lane, and will not allow any overtaking which will make things awkward should you come across on-coming traffic. It is also strongly suggested that you do not attempt to travel along the track after nightfall or after heavy rain, as the track does skirt around some very large drops. Ideally your vehicle should be fitted with Low Range to complete this track.

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Most of the sites in Hill End are easy and interesting to walk between, and many old mines and the river sites are only accessible by walking. Cycling around the town is an interesting way to see the sites also.






Royal Hotel Tambaroora Rd Hill End NSW 2850 Telephone: (02) 6337 8261

Cooke's Cottage at Hill End 300 Lees Lane Hill End NSW 2850 Telephone: (02) 6337 8338 Email: cottagegate@bigpond.com or lululollipop@gmail.com

Hill End B & B Clarke St Hill End NSW 2850 Telephone: (02) 6337 8290 Facsimile: (02) 6337 8290

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