Henderson is the second largest city in the State of Nevada. In recent years, the border between Henderson and Las Vegas has become virtually nonexistent. One city butts up against the other. One area of Henderson, Green Valley, was the first master planned community in the state.

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From Arizona, Boulder City, Lake Mead or Lake Las Vegas

If you came from Boulder City or Arizona, you can either take US 93 or Route 166, Route 166 is Lakeshore Drive and is gonna change into State Route 564 once, you are not overlapping with Route 147 anymore. Or in US 93, it will change into a Freeway as soon as you pass the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino. And, what do you may know. If you came from Lake Mead or Lake Las Vegas, get on SR 564 and still continue until you enter Henderson. If took U.S 93, you will have to pass through Boulder City, and never take the exit after crossing over Veterans Memorial Dr intersection. It will head to Searchlights and Needles. And, then, once you get, it will change into an overlapping I-515, and, take any exit you want, this includes Wagonwheel Dr/Nevada State Dr, Boulder Hwy, Horizon Dr, College Dr, or any exit, as long is not on I-215.

From Central Las Vegas

Get on I-515, or I-215, or whatever road you take to get to Henderson Drive. And to enter Central Henderson via I-515, take exit 61 to Lake Mead. And on I-215, none, Continue till end of freeway.

From N. Las Vegas

Get on I-15, and then get on I-515 or I-215, do the same as Central Las Vegas.


There are several sites to see in the Henderson area. They include:





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Routes through Henderson

Ely Las Vegas  N  S  Boulder City Kingman
Tonopah Las Vegas  N  S  Laughlin Needles

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