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Hemsedal is a valley and small town in Norway with ca 2000 inhabitants. Hemsedal is scenic located in the middle of South Norway, right between Oslo and Bergen, it is the northern branch of the great Hallingdal valley. The town is surround by high mountains, similar to the alps, and has a river, Hemsila flowing thru the valley. Hemsedal is known for its alpine skiing area, which is the second largest in Norway, but is also a great place in summer with many activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, horse back riding and more.

Get in

Hemsedal is a 3 to 4 hour drive from Oslo.

By bus

From Bergen you can take Sognebussen or Øst Vestekspressen to Håbakken (near the small village Lærdal), and from there you can take the corresponding Sogn & Fjordane Ekspressen to Hemsedal.

By train

Another option is to ride the NSB train from Oslo or Bergen to Gol, which departs around four times a day. The trip is three hours from Oslo and 4 hours from Bergen and costs from 199 to 499 NOK. From the train station at Gol there is a bus picking up immediately after the train arrives and ending in Hemsedal town center, about 40 minutes later. The timetable. The trip costs NOK 46 for adults and 23 for children.

Get around

During the winter season there are busses going from town to the ski lifts which are free. There is also a good taxi service, but it is quite expensive. You can also walk, e.g., on the other side of the river which takes half an hour or more.

It is practical to have your own car, especially in the summer..

Parking is free of charge, except from the parking lot at Gravset, the main crosscountry area, in the wintertime.


Hydnefossen (waterfall)

There are quite a few things to see in Hemsedal:


Skogshorn, in the municipality of Hemsedal.


The best rated ski resorts in Norway (Dagbladet and Dagens Næringsliv 2010). 42 slopes and 22 lifts! The unique mountain scenery gives Hemsedal a decidedly "alpine" feel. It has the highest alpine point in all of Scandinavia, 1500 metres above sea level, and a vertical drop of 810 metres.

Variety and diversity characterises Hemsedal's network of pistes. The pistes are wide, well groomed and suited to all levels of expertise. Everyone can enjoy the clean fresh air, the panoramic view and the descent from the highest mountain, as there are green pistes all the way down to the base area, as well as more advanced runs.

Hemsedal on world’s top five to go boarding! The snowboard/ terrain park is considered one of Europe's best, known for its high standard and challenges for all. Big jumps, fun boxes, half pipe, two quarter pipes, rails and more attractions make this an ideal playgroound for the thrillseeker. There is also a separate park for beginners.

The children's area is the biggest in Norway and covers an area of 70 000 m2! Here you find several lifts, slopes, forest with trolls, bbq stations, restaurant, bar, sport shop, skirental, supermarket and even an outdoor kindergarten. The area is also perfect for beginners trying their first turns.

Here you find 3 lifts and 6-7 seven slopes. A perfect place for families and those who want to ski in calmer area. Also good off piste possibilities.

Afterski and nightlife is comparable to or better than the big resorts in the European Alps!

If you would like to do other things then skiing, you can try snow mobiling, dog sledding, winter via ferrata, snow shoeing, ice climbing, paragliding and off course cross country skiing.


Farmhouse with sod roof.

Hemsedal is an eldorado for people who like to stay active on their holiday. The mountains in Hemsedal offer great possibilities for activities such as hiking, biking and climbing.


Hemsedal is not the largest city, but has some good shops:


There are cafes in the skiing-area. Alternatives are


"Hollvin Express" ski lift

Norway is generally expensive for overseas visitors. Expect to pay at least two times the price for a beer in Hemsedal as in the Alps.

The afterski starts in Skistua on the slopes around 4, and continues at Hemsedal Cafe in town from around 7. Be there early to make sure you get in. Probably the best place to party in Norway.

Beer can be bought at the supermarkets on weekdays from 8AM to 8PM and Saturdays from 8AM to 6PM On Sundays it is not allowed to sell alcohol in the supermarkets. Wine and liquor can be bought at the "vinmonopol" (wine and liquor store) in Gol, 30 km from Hemsedal.


Hemsedal has accommodation for most budgets, there are fancy design hotels, cosy cabins and reasonably priced apartments and campgrounds.


Go next

Hemsedal mountain pass on road 52 (late April), county line to Sogn og Fjordane.

Hemsedal is in the centre of South Norway, right between Oslo and Bergen. This makes Hemsedal the convenient base for day trips both to the fjords and mountains. Here are some tips:

The tourist office in Hemsedal has a booklet with 7 day trips by car, costs NOK 40.



More Information

Hemsedal Tourist Office, tel +47 32 05 50 30, e-mail: info@hemsedal.com

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