Central Helsingborg, from the castle

Helsingborg is in the Scania province of southern Sweden.


Helsingborg is situated on the east side of the Oresund on Sweden's south-west coast. It's Sweden's 8th largest municipality with a population of about 128,000 (2009). Major businesses are service, trade, industry and tourism. In 2000 a branch of the University of Lund opened in the former Tretorn rubber factories a stone's throw from the Denmark ferries.

On the opposite side of the sound in Denmark is Elsinore (Helsingør). Before the MalmöCopenhagen Øresund bridge was finished, most of the trans-Scandinavian traffic (transit and tourist) used the ferries between Helsingborg and Elsinore. There is still heavy traffic across the Sound here because of the high population density on either side of the border. In addition, the ferries are usually somewhat cheaper than the fees for the bridge and they often provide a shorter route compared to the bridge.

Get in

By train

Helsingborg Central Station is in the lower level of Knutpunkten, a massive complex on the waterfront which also includes the ferry terminal.

From Malmö and Lund, there are three trains an hour to Helsingborg; the trip takes 40 minutes on the fastest routes, or just over an hour on the mauve Pågatåg local trains. Trains run hourly from Copenhagen (1¼ hours) and Kastrup Airport (1 hour) to the south, and from Göteborg (2½ hours) to the north. Hourly trains run from Hässleholm (1 hour), of which some originate in Kristianstad (1h20) (note that this route is interrupted during the summer of 2013). Tickets for these trains are issued at fixed prices by the Skånetrafiken transport authority, and are also valid on local transport at either end of the route.

Stockholm-bound travellers usually need to change to a SJ express train in Hässleholm or Lund.

An alternative route to Copenhagen is to take the ferry across to Helsingør (20 min), where the trains to the Danish capital are more frequent (45 min). This can be faster than waiting for an hourly direct train, and is also cheaper. Skånetrafiken can sell combined tickets that cover both the ferry and train.

By bus

There are regular bus services between Helsingborg and Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg and other cities along the way towards these cities. The major bus companies are Bus4You, GoByBus and Swebus.

By car

By E4 from Stockholm in the north, and E6 from Malmö in the south and from Gothenburg/Oslo in the north. If you're having problems with you car you can visit the nearby car service

By boat

From Helsingör, Denmark, it's a short 20 minute ferry ride across the sound, with ferries departing every 15 minutes most of the day. At night, there is at least one ferry every hour.

Ferries are operated by Sundsbusserne and Scandlines .

By air

The Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport is situated approximately 40 km from Helsingborg and has daily flights to Stockholm-Arlanda (SAS) and Stockholm-Bromma (Kullaflyg ), weekly flights to Visby and seasonal flights to Mora.

Copenhagen Airport is about one hour away by train.

Get around

Practically all public transport goes through the train/ferry terminal Knutpunkten (Helsingborg C), including regional and long-distance trains and buses as well as local buses.

Skånetrafiken runs the local and regional bus and train system, and if you intend on spending some time in the Skåne-region it is highly recommended that you get the so-called Jojo-card which is a prepay card that gives you 20% off any ticket. Additionally a duo/family ticket will give you another 10% off (for up to 2 adults and 3 children).

By public transport

Bus is the main means of transport in town. Buses run from early morning till around midnight and a little later on Fridays and Saturdays. The city bus system (Green buses) connects most of the city and all but one (#2) stay within one fare zone. Single trip costs 19 SEK, but it's not possible to pay with cash on the buses. Regional buses (Yellow buses) connect to nearby towns.

There are two further stations beyond Helsingborg C, but these are unlikely to be useful to tourists travelling within the city.

By taxi

Taxi rides are rather expensive in Helsingborg and there is little competition. They can be found right outside Helsingborg C main entrance, next to the Marina Plaza hotel.



Dunkers Kulturhus (Dunker's Culture House) is much more than a museum. Here you can listen to various concerts and experience art, history and crafts. You can also have lunch at the restaurant on site.

It's relaxing to take a stroll around the harbour.

Tropikariet (Hävertgatan 21, close to Fredriksdal) is a small but interesting zoo. Some of the animals are not enclosed in cages but live among the visitors, creating an intimate feeling. The little bird that walks slowly but intently, step by step, in the same lane where the customers are supposed to walk is a little scary, though.

The Dance School is a venue where you can go and watch professional dancers perform in different set-ups. If you get bored watching you can join one of the many dance classes.

The Tivoli by the sea offers good concerts with internationally and nationally known bands.

"Tura" is a Swedish expression for the local tradition of having dinner on the ferries (Scandlines). During summer and the weeks leading up to Christmas you should make reservations in advance. Quite possibly the most classic of Helsingborgian experiences.


The main shopping areas are the pedestrian streets Kullagatan, Bruksgatan and Södra Storgatan, as well as the main streets surrounding them in downtown Helsingborg.

Just outside the city there is Väla, one of Scandinavia's largest shopping centers.

The great Danish chocolaterie Peter Beier Chokolade (Södra Storgatan 5) has a store in Helsingborg.

Getting Online


Helsingborg is known as somewhat the gastronomical center of Sweden, having some of the greatest chefs in the country.

Like so many other Swedish towns there's a great foreign influence which means there's an abundance of foreign fast food and take out places serving pizza, kebab, falafel, Chinese, Thai, Middle Eastern and so on.


A lot of bars can be found downtown, inside or near Knutpunkten (Train station/Ferry terminal).

During Summer, the district Norra Hamnen (North Harbour) with its marina is highly recommended.

Koppi Cafe and Roaster in the core of Helsingborg are places where you drink fancy coffee.



Note that Swedish hostels in general do not include free linen and towels, but they will be supplied at an extra charge.


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