South Afghanistan

WARNING: The southern provinces of Afghanistan are the most volatile in the country and considered highly dangerous. Bombings occur almost daily in the cities and western interests are the usual targets. Banditry and roadside bombs are abundant, and the roads from Kandahar to Kabul and Herat are the most dangerous in the country. Non-essential travel should be avoided, and even then you might want to reconsider.

See also: War zone safety

The Helmand River running in Kandahar province, next to the city of Kandahar

This section covers the Southern portion of Afghanistan. It covers Farah, Helmand, Kandahar, Nimruz, Uruzgan and Zabul Provinces.


Get in

A Kam Air passenger plane at Kandahar International Airport in 2012

By plane

Kandahar International Airport (IATA: KDH) now has flights on Ariana Afghan Airlines [] & Kam Air between Kandahar, Dubai every Wednesday Ariana & Monday Kam Air; as well as three domestic flights per week between Kabul and Kandahar and one Domestic flight from Kandahar-Herat-Kandahar every Tuesday by KamAir. Pamir Airways has daily morning flights from Kabul which is cheaper than Kam Air and Ariana Airlines. Flights are also available by the UN & ICRC but are only open to UN staff and other approved organisations.

By car

Cars can be hired from Kandahar and Helmand is a 3 hour drive west.

By bus

Buses depart from Kandahar to Gereskh and Lashkar Gah


The Kajaki Dam in Helmand province


Swimming in the Helmand River, Arghandab River, or Tarnak River. There are also many streams.


The MOD are recruiting infantry soldiers to support the peacekeeping operation within Helmand Province.

Stay safe

Travel to anywhere within South Afghanistan is strongly discouraged because it is an active war zone. Most foreign governments are advising against all travel to Helmand province. However, people from Pakistan, Iran and other Muslim countries often do travel to South Afghanistan. Afghans in general have respect for visitors and will help or guide them.

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