Hefei (合肥; Héféi) is the capital city of Anhui Province in China. It is an industrial, administrative and commercial centre bare of any special attractions. It is not often visited by foreign tourists, who mostly use it as a hub for trips into the hinterland of Anhui. It is however, possible to enjoy oneself for a day or two in Hefei before moving on.

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By plane

Hefei Luogang Airport (IATA: HEF) is an international airport with regular flights to/from most main cities. The airport itself is quite old and a new one is currently under construction in another part of the city.

Hefei Luogang Airport receives Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Hainan, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shandong, Shanghai, Okay Airways, Sichuan, Tianjin, Joy Airlines flights.

The airport is located about 12km from the center of town. A taxi to Municipal Square will cost about ¥20-25. There is no bus that runs direct from the airport to the city center. You can take bus 11, but you will need to get off and connect with another bus along the way. Chinese buses can be packed, so if you are carrying bags, it is best to catch a taxi.

By train

Hefei has two major train stations.

A taxi from Hefei South to the city center will be less than ¥20. Expect to queue for the taxi. Changing between these two stations with a taxi will cost less than ¥30, expect 40 minutes in normal traffic conditions. Prices as of November 2015.

Get around

Legally, every taxi must have the driver's picture and licence number displayed in a plastic plate affixed to the dashboard. If you have any major problems with a taxi driver, discretely write down this number if you need to make a complaint and ask for a fa piao (receipt) at the end of your journey. Avoid getting into arguments with drivers if possible.

Around the city area in Hefei, you can reasonably expect to pay between ¥10-30.

In Hefei, a driver might occasionally try to pick up an extra passenger and carry them with you. i.e. pooling. They sometimes try this on foreigners who don't know how to object. Make it known if you don't want this to happen. Chances are the other person has negotiated to pay a lower fare and is riding on your back.


Hefei isn't known as a tourist destination, but if you are using it as a stop-off point there are some pleasant places to see. In particular, Hefei has many fine parks and gardens.


or the square outside the main gate of Xinghua Park to see mass numbers of people (mainly older women) dancing.



Local specialties include:

Hefei's most famous longxia street is Níngguó Rd. 宁国路龙虾美食街 Níngguó lù lóngxiā měishí jiē).

Another good area to find longxia is Hupo eat street (琥珀山庄美食街 Hǔpò shānzhuāng měishí jiē).


Location: 258-6 Wuhu Road

Location: 198 Shengli Road

Location: Daoxiang Lou, 241 Jinzhai Road



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