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La Haute-Savoie consists of the small nook of France bordering Switzerland across Lake Leman to the North, and Italy to the East. It is a sub-region of the Rhone-Alpes.


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The Haute-Savoie became part of France in the 19th Century after a trade off between France and the Piemont noble Family. This is why a lot of local do not consider themselves French but "Savoyard" or even "Savoisiens" (movement for independence from France, not followed widely) in their own right. The locals can be a bit tough to deal with and most regret the old days as this particular region went from very rural to over-flowing with inhabitants during the last 20 years (population tripled, house prices among the highest in France) but overall they are quite nice people.

Many residents of the Haute-Savoie take pride in the culture and lifestyle that can be described as "typiquement Savoyard" (typical Savoyard, a variation of the word Savoie). Not only do many people believe it is one of the most beautiful parts of France, but there is also the cheese and other special dishes to dote on. Taking a chance to talk to the local people about the ways this area is different than the rest of France is sure to be enlightening and would greatly enrich the travel experience.

The Haute-Savoie, particularly the rural areas, can also provide a revealing look at the quiet, small-town life in France. For the tourist who has a tendency to forget the France outside of Paris, this may be especially eye-opening and entertaining.

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Dozens of excellent ski resorts in the region (see 'cities', above, for a few of the most well known.)


If cheese sounds good, the Haute Savoie offers a variety of dishes that are sure to please the pallet.

Note that the Fondue and the Raclette are both prepared and eaten in a way that requires people to wait on each other and share the common food source. This is representative of the French fashion of taking time to truly enjoy all meals and the presence of friends and family. So, don't rush yourself though the experience.

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Macumba, fabled to be Europe's biggest night club, it located in the Haute-Savoie, a short drive out of Annemasse.

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