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Hartford's skyline

Hartford is the capital of the state of Connecticut in the United States of America. The Greater Hartford region is enmeshed with Springfield (Massachusetts), which lies only 24 miles to the north. The area is called the Knowledge Corridor due to its 29 colleges and universities and 120,000 college students.

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Hartford does not have tourist-friendly public transportation and a car is the best way to navigate Hartford and its surrounding towns.

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East Hampton

Swim in the picturesque Lake Pocotopaug.





With its large Italian population, phenomenal Italian cuisine and pizza seems to be at every street corner, especially in the South End. The Park Street area has many Puerto Rican restaurants. Most expensive restaurants can be found in Downtown Hartford and in the west and south ends. Over the last few year many new restaurants have opened their doors downtown and many will continue to do so over the next few years so be ready. Hartford also has one of the largest concentrations of West Indians in the country, concentrated in the North End. For exceptional West Indian cuisine go to Albany Avenue, where you will see many Jamaican bakeries and other West Indian restaurants.




There are an abundance of large chain hotels in the Hartford area as well as many upscale ones downtown and in the suburbs. Over 60,000 rooms are located in Greater Hartford.


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Hartford is consistently ranked as one of the Top 25 dangerous cities in the United States. Crime is generally contained in the Northeast area of the city. Some people also report being victims of crimes after going to the Webster in the Frog Hollow area of the city. This can easily be avoided by not straying from the main road, especially at night. Most crime is gang related and the average citizen should not worry. Basically, if you are in the North end, stick to Albany Avenue (around the middle, as there is not much activity/high crime near downtown), or use a car. This area is usually fine in the day as well, but the side streets are some of the worst in the city. The south end is generally fine, especially if you stick to Main Street, Park Street, Franklin Avenue, Maple Avenue, and Wethersfield Avenue. Side streets vary, especially in the Park/Broad st areas (Frog Hollow), but these areas are conspicuous. The west end,downtown and Blue Hills are fine regardless of where you go.



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Hartford is a small city and one can access small farm towns in minutes. There are no national parks/forests in the area, but the general wilderness is easy to access.

Aside from the very nearby cities of West Hartford, East Hartford and especially Wethersfield, which have their own points of interest, there are also several other cities in the area:

Rural Areas:

Routes through Hartford

Springfield Windsor  N  S  Berlin New Haven
Springfield Windsor Locks  N  S  Meriden New Haven
Waterbury West Hartford  W  E  East Hartford Worcester
Springfield Windsor  N  S  Wethersfield New Haven
Worcester via East Hartford  N  S  Wethersfield New Haven
Bristol West Hartford  W  E  East Hartford Providence
Poughkeepsie West Hartford  W  E  East Hartford Providence

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