Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Happy Valley-Goose Bay (HVGB) is a town of 7750 people in Labrador in Canada, founded in 1941 as a military base and seaport. During World War Two, Goose and Gander in Newfoundland were important airbases, later serving as refuelling stops for planes en route to Europe.


Austere Operations Training Complex
Dakota Range, CFB Goose Bay

Goose Bay was established in 1941 to host a military base during the second World War. Originally served by coastal ferries, it was connected to Labrador City by road in 1992 and to Forteau by road in 2009. Air traffic has diminished greatly in the post-Cold War era; a small contingent of 100 troops remains deployed to CFB Goose Bay.

The "Goose and Gander" air force bases are the last military presence in Newfoundland and Labrador, along with a small naval station near St. John's.

Goose Bay is an important seaport for supplies arriving by Trans-Labrador Highway to be sent out by ship to other, more remote Labrador communities. It is also a base of operations for supplies arriving for a large-scale hydroelectric construction project currently underway at Muskrat Falls; that project is to feed power by undersea cable from Labrador across Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, from which it can be exported through New Brunswick to the US market.

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There is one taxi operator, Cooneys Taxi (374 Hamilton River Rd, +1 709 896-3311).










North West River

A tiny (population 490) town, founded 1743 as a French fur trade post (and later a Hudson's Bay Company post), it is the oldest community in central Labrador. (Cartwright was settled in 1775; Goose Bay and Churchill Falls, founded as a wartime air base and a generating station, are relative newcomers.)

The International Grenfell Association operated a hospital in the community from 1915-1981, as well as a boarding school. There's one local craft shop and a convenience store; local outfitters offer guided tours and scenic walking trails lead through forests, along the waterfront, and up to the top of "Sunday Hill" with a panoramic view of Lake Melville, the Mealy Mountains, Grand Lake and Little Lake.

North West River is approximately 40km northeast of Goose Bay on Route 520, where it has represented the most north-eastern accessible point on North America's main road network since the river was bridged in 1980. Onward travel beyond North West River in winter is by snowmobile trails north to Mulligan and Postville; there's also a seasonal trail from Mulligan to Rigolet. These trails are groomed but include some dangerous ice crossings.

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