Hansville (Washington)

Hansville is located on the Kitsap Peninsula in the Puget Sound region of Washington state.

Hansville is located on the northern tip of the Kitsap Peninsula affording sweeping views of Admiralty Inlet, Whidbey Island, and Puget Sound.

This picturesque rural community enjoys some of the areas lowest rainfall totals, making it an ideal outdoor recreation site.

Point no Point lighthouse was the first lighthouse on Puget Sound


Construction of the Point no Point lighthouse began in April 1879 making it the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound. The first light used was a common kerosene lamp. As 1879 drew to a close, the lens and a glass for the lantern had not arrived, but authorities were determined to have the lighthouse open that year so the first lighthouse keeper, J.S. Maggs, a Seattle dentist, hung a canvas over the south window openings to break the wind and keep the kerosene lamp from blowing out.

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By car

There are many ways to get to the Hansville highway but only two ways to get to Hansville. Come down the Hansville Highway from Highway 104 or come by boat to one of the many communities that makes up the Greater Hansville area. Come to Eglon, Cliffside, Shorewood, Driftwood Key, Skunk Bay, Norweigan Point,or to a private dock on the Twin Spits side of the canal.

By boat

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There is an abundance of wildlife viewing and bird watching. Fishermen enjoy catching salmon from the beach while taking in the views and watching the parade of marine traffic.

the rare sighting of a Red Necked Phalaropes can sometimes be seen migrating through the area.


The Kitsap Audubon Society has been actively meeting since 1972 and has a broad coalition of birders actively tracking and sharing sightings since then. They also maintain an active website with updates of the latest sightings, suggestions on areas for birders and even a regular newsletter. They also developed a checklist of birds likely to be seen birds in the area.

The state Audubon society developed 'The Great Audubon Birding Trail' which includes key migration flyways. Flyways are major north-south routes of travel for migratory birds and likely areas to see birds along the route extending from Alaska to Patagonia. Point No Point County Park near Hansville at Kitsap County's northern tip is particularly important for birds migrating the Pacific Flyway. The Audubon Society designated it an IBA or an Important Bird Area and it is considered one of the most important migratory areas in the state.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking can be a rewarding way to explore the Kitsap Peninsulas nearly 400 miles of coastline allowing the paddler a closer and slower look at their surroundings Hansville is a great launching place being between the Hood Canal and the main channels of Puget Sound. Thick forests of majestic pine and deciduous trees and hundreds of creeks and estuaries dot the coastline. Or just explore Kitsaps many harbor towns like Hansville that cater to kayakers with shops and restaurants accessible from the water. Harbor Seals, Otters, Bald Eagles and Blue Herons are common sites while the occasional viewing of an Orca or Grey Whale is not out of the question.

Kayak trails

Organized trails offer overnight camping options and maps of appropriate lengths and scenic travel destinations.

Beach combing

beach glass found on Kitsap beach

Unlike many rocky areas around Puget Sound, Hansville does offer sandy beaches at the park surrounding the lighthouse. Oysters, clams and moon snails are common sites and this is an excellent area just to watch boat traffic on Puget Sound.

Be warned that sea shells and driftwood are considered part of the natural environment and should not be removed. Decomposing shells provide nutrients to other sea animals and driftwood helps control beach erosion. However the often rocky and wild shores are havens for creating and revealing beach glass and anything artificial found is fair game for removal. Be respectful of private property and gentle with sea creatures. Keep a wide distance away from nesting birds, seals and other shore animals and always put back anything removed from the shoreline.


Shellfish are prized resources of the Puget Sound, the cool, clean waters provide some of the finest shellfish habitat in the world. Hansville's wild coastline is a popular place for individuals to find these elusive and sought after shellfish. Maps of public shellfishing areas and health warnings and updates can be found online at the States Fish and Wildlife website, as with all fishing in Puget Sound permits are required and can be purchased online or in some sporting goods stores.

Public Clam and Oyster Beaches





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By car

Hansville is at the northern tip of the Kitsap Peninsula so there is nowhere to go but south to Kingston which has a large ferry terminal connecting to the mainland The historic town of Port Gamble is also near and worth a stop to see their historic buildings if your on your way to the Olympic Peninsula via Hood Canal Bridge.

By boat

Hansville is a last stop on the Kitsap Peninsula before heading on to the San Juan Islands via the Admiralty Inlet or also offers good access to the Hood Canal. If you are following the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Hansville is also close to the Port Gamble to Foulweather Bluff leg of the trip.

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