Located at the extreme southeast of the island of Maui, the city of Hana is like another island. Travel to or from the region of Hana to any other major population center takes several hours by car. Fewer tourists lodge here than in other Maui locales, and in the morning it is quiet and peaceful. Attracted by the popularized Road to Hana, day-trippers begin to flood in by midday. Although the harbor is too small for cruise ships to dock, some cruise passengers arrive by launch.


Hana is also a different island in terms of climate. Whereas most of the resorts of Maui are placed for sun-lovers in areas that get the least rainfall, Hana faces the easterly trade winds, which bring moisture from the sea. It is surrounded by rainforest and has more lush and green vegetation than other parts of the island.

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The Road to Hana is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. It follows the northeast coastline through lush rainforest. Budget three hours for the drive southeast from Kahului to Hana. Sharp curves, a 15 mph speed limit, and heavy traffic make the approximately 40 mile distance take longer than travelers expect for a highway. Going early in the morning can avoid much of the traffic. Several miles southwest beyond Hana, the road becomes single-lane dirt. The rental car companies may tell you not to take your car here, but the road isn't too bad. However, it can be very bumpy, requiring normal cars to slow to 5 mph or less in some sections. It passes through farmlands and the empty, desert-like southern coast of the island. There are soaring views of volcanic cliffs and, in clear weather, the Big Island on the distant horizon. The area is very beautiful but remote, and there are no services.

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You can get around by bus, train, or car.


The many volcanoes in the area.


Learn the Hawaiian language as this is the most commonly spoken langauge.


There are not a lot of shops in the north/south part but there are 56 in the east/west area.


There are more motels than hotels in Hana.

Several other smaller hotels are more affordable.

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