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The cities Hamtramck and Highland Park are enclaves of the City of Detroit. Hamtramck is known for being home to a large Polish community. This is evidenced in many ways, such as the celebration of Pączki (pronounced: poonchki) Day. In 1970, 91% of the residents were Polish. However, today its only about 22% because many Poles have moved to other parts of the area, and because of a large immigration of people from the Middle East and South Asia.

Highland Park is home to several architecturally significant buildings. It is also home to the Highland Park Ford Plant, the first plant in the world to use the assembly line.


Highland Park is not highly regarded as a safe city. Visitors should not visit Highland Park at all after dark. The city of Highland Park became financially insolvent in 2002 and it was largely placed under the control of the county government.

Hamtramck is home to numerous bars and entertainment venues which stay open 7 days a week until 2am. Exercising excessive caution is not necessary when visiting as since most of the neighborhoods are safe. Applying common sense as one would when visiting any city is all that is necessary.




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