Hami (哈密 Hāmì) or Kumul is a town on the Northern branch of the Silk Road in Xinjiang Province in China.

Get in

By bus

Take about a seven hour bus ride from Urumqi to a village where there is a muddy salt lake. Trip to the Hami area is available only through chartered services. Numerous stopovers can be had at the petrol kiosks, even in the middle of nowhere. The road for most of the way is single lane. The trip there passes through a number of villages and towns. When a part of the road is undergoing maintenance, a bumpy detour has to be made on extremely uneven dirt track. Lots of dust will be stirred up. Remember to shut the windows tight before entering the detour tracks.

By train

Hami is on the Urumchi-Xian line and can be easily reached by daytrain from Urumchi. Departure 9:53AM, arrival 4:31PM (2008).





You can not miss kabob (roasted mutton barbeque) if you visit Hami, that is tranditional food made by minority of Uigur, and fried rice(zhua fan in Chinaese) is made by rice, mutton and radish, main dish of local people. If you prefer noodle, you will love delious beef noodle, the soup is special for 40 kinds of spice. Hami is famous for Hami melon throughout China for it sweet taste thanks for huge difference of temperature from day to night and longer time sunlight during summer time, besides Hami melon, grape, water melon, apricot and mulberry are both enjoy good taste, dried fruit is on market with unexpensive price from all year long for dry and windy climate, Hami is worth of visiting for typical food and local people's gracious hospitality.


only few hotels take foreigners. Prices in those hotels start around 300 ¥

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Bus to Urumqi 7-8h, 126 ¥, very bumpy ride. 11.00, afternoon and 20.30

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