Guaymas is a city in Sonora, Mexico.

Sonoran Desert in San Carlos during the blooming season


Guaymas sprawls over several towns in between rocky outcroppings -- among them Guaymas, San Carlos, San Jose de Guaymas and Empalme. Guaymas the central part is a natural harbor completely ringed by beautiful rock cliff formations, beaches, and the Sea of Cortes and numerous islets. Around 2006 the malecon (harborfront) was built, though it tends to be quiet rather than busy and services the private boating community. The central town is a working city with a fishing/shrimp fleet. The entire state including Guaymas is known for its excellent, fresh seafood.

Guaymas is a port city and ships to many places in the world, as well as being a major naval port for the Mexican military and having an industrial zone. Like many mexican towns, it has a pleasant central square (zocalo), however, places towards the bus station look run down -- don't let this scare you, people are helpful and friendly and it is a safe place to visit and or live. Spanish, of course is the main language; but there are people in the service industries that speak English due to proximity with San Carlos. San Carlos is an American expat retirement community. Some of the cruise lines are beginning to stop in Guaymas. Nevertheless, Guaymas in winter still feels a bit too chilly for some, including tropical plants, which tend to be able to tolerate and grow in the zone that begins in Los Mochis/Topolobampo area about 350 km south on the main highway. As Los Mochis isnt geared to tourism and Topolobampo is tiny, many opt for areas well south such as sweltering Mazatlan. An alternative is to cross the gulf to Loreto.

Get in

By plane

Fly directly into Guaymas airport from Phoenix or fly into the state capitol of Hermosillo (125 kms. away from Guaymas) and take a bus (Tufesa) from the Hermosillo airport to Guaymas.

By train

not available at this time.

By bus

The cost of the bus varies by company and service. Costs range from 50 pesos from Ciudad Obregon and Hermosillo by 2nd class service. Luxury services TAP and Tumesa stops on the main road in town, Serdan, close to the where it reconnects with Garcia Lopez, the main highway between Culiacan and Hermosillo. The rest of the buses including Estrella Blanca Group cluster around Calle 14 just a few blocks south of Serdan. This bus station open 24 hours a day.

Get around

Understanding Guaymas is simple. There are 2 main roads -- The highway and Serdan. Streets and Avenues are either north or south and are numbered.

Rent a car or use the city wide bus system which costs 5 pesos per trip (less than 50 cents). Lots of taxis available at a reasonable cost and many of the drivers speak some english. Trips to San Carlos (~10 km away) cost 12 pesos per trip, leaving from the central market, one block south of Serdan.




Nice thing about Guaymas is there are large supermarkets nearly every other block, even a Walmart and Sam's Club.







Tons of places to stay being offered off the main highway between San Carlos and Guaymas. Many places also offer long stay.


Lots of mid range accommodations in San Carlos catering to retired Americans and/or their families.

Stay safe

Hot water to soothe stingray stings, as hot as you can bear - heat deactivates the poison.

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