Guangxi (广西; Guǎngxī) is a relatively poor but highly scenic area in southern China. Technically it is known as the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, because of its large Zhuang minority population.

Guangxi is located in Southwest China west of Guangdong Province (Canton); 'xi' and 'dong' are 'west' and 'east' in Chinese. It has a significant coastline on the South China Sea, (Beibu Gulf). It shares many characteristics of its poorer sister to the north Guizhou due to its mainly rural nature and large minority populations.



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Guangxi is linguistically diverse. Standard Mandarin is spoken by nearly all, but "baihua", a dialect of Cantonese, also known in pinyin Chinese as "Yueyu" is spoken as the local native language in parts of eastern Guangxi. Some of the many minority groups still speak their own tongues as well.


Guanxi is known for its rice noodles (粉). Each city has its own specialty. Prices vary between 6-15 Yuan.

One of Guanxi's more famous dishes is a hotpot based on dog.

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You can go overland to Vietnam by train or road from Nanning.

There is a consulate in Nanning so you can pick up a visa there. Tickets for these trips are on sale in Yangshuo.

There is a train from Nanning to Kunming through impressive mountain scenery.

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