Groene Hart

Map showing the location of the Groene Hart

The Groene Hart (literally "Green Heart") is a scenic agricultural zone between the four biggest cities of the country. The flat polders and canals, considered typical for the country, can be explored by hiking or cycling.

Most of the area lies beneath sea level, and is protected by numerous dikes and windmills. The area is very flat and offers great cycling opportunities. At the tourist offices in the towns of the Groene Hart, you will be able to find some brochures or leaflets detailing scenic routes.


The windmills of Kinderdijk are a UNESCO World Heritage site
Rural area typical for the region in Wijde Aa
Gouda cheese produced at the farms is sold on cheese markets
A part of the Groene Hart as seen from a plane

The Groene Hart is a relatively sparsely populated area, its landscape considered archetypically Dutch. Nevertheless, there are some larger and smaller towns worth visiting.

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There are several highways running through the area, the most important one is the A12 which runs from The Hague to Utrecht.


There are countless B&Bs in the area, many of them situated in the countryside. If you are looking for a hotel, there's a list below.








Stay safe

The Groene Hart is a very safe area. Be aware that some roads are not wide enough for two cars to pass each other. If you are on a small road and there is a car approaching from a distance, make sure to stop at a wider spot until the other car has passed.

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The Groene Hart is surrounded by the largest Dutch cities:

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