Greina Walking Tour

This article is an itinerary.

The Greina is a wild area in Switzerland. The area refers to an unpopulated high altitude valley between Ticino and Graub√ľnden


The Greina is a fairly large wilderness in the Swiss Alps, hosting some truly spectacular scenery and several 3,000m peaks. The two nearest places to the area are Vrin and Campo Blenio. The Plaun da Greina is a semi plateau, above the tree line so the area has a stark other worldly atmosphere. This is enhanced when the clouds come down and the mist swirls, the mountains tantalizingly close but not visible. It is close to the average Swiss heart as it is one of the last wildernesses in Switzerland, this is why plans to dam the river and flood the place were fought back with determination.


Both Italian and German will be spoken if you meet anyone.


In addition to obvious items such as hiking boots, warm clothing, UV sunblock etc., here is list of things that you might not have considered taking along, but that can greatly enhance the quality and comfort of your journey.



Day 3: After a tiring day, stay at the Camona da Terri, Capanna Motterascio or Capanna Scaletta, the place if returing to Ticino down the Ghirone valley. Staying the extra night gives a more relaxed descent the next day.

From the Capanna Scaletta the path to Piz Medel 3,210m is accessed. Motterascio is best for Piz Terri and Piz Greina from Camona da Terri.

Stay safe

As always in the mountains the weather can turn quickly, a blue sky with a single cloud can turn into a storm within hours. It is important not to be caught out and to have the correct mountain equipment

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