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Greifswald is a town in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany. Greifswald is a very old town and gained city rights as early as 1240. In 1278, Greifswald became a part of the Hanseatic League and in 1456, the university was founded.

From 1648 to 1815, Greifswald was a part of Sweden's northern German territories. Following the Second World War, the town became a part of the Soviet occupation zone. The town fared rather well during and after the war, but during the Soviet and East German reign, the economy and infrastructure declined. Following the reunion of the two German states, huge sums of money has been pumped into the area to help improve the situation and to lower the unemployment rates.

Map of Greifswald town centre

Get in

The easiest way to get to Greifswald is probably by car, but there are other options. Going by air is restricted to season.

By air

There are no regular flights to the area. From May to September, Air Berlin flies to Flughafen Heringsdorf on the island of Usedom from Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. OLT runs services during roughly the same time from Cologne/Bonn, Zürich and Munich. The polish airline JetAir ran a service betweev Usedom and Wrocław during the autumn of 2011, but it is unclear whether the service will come back.

The service is only upheld on Saturdays. There is a transfer from the airport to the seaside resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. Transer is booked via the airport. The only way to get to Greifswald from the airport is by cab or rental car, which may be booked through the airport service, phone +49 3837 62 97 34, fax +49 3837 62 98 75 3. There are plans to extend the Usedom Bäderbahn (see below) to the airport during 2012, but until those plans come true, you have to get off at Usedom station and catch a cab to the airport.

By train

Die Bahn, operates trains to and from Greifswald. The journey from Berlin takes about 2 h 45 min and the ticket is ca €32. A ticket from Stralsund is about €9 and takes roughly 20 minutes. Tickets may be purchased on board (Note: only on inter-city trains, additional fees apply) at railway stations, in ticket machines, through the web page of Die Bahn or through their call center, phone: +491805996633

By car

By boat

The nearest major harbour for passengers is Sassnitz on the island of Rugia (Rügen). Three major ship-owners operate ferries to and from Sassnitz:

Get around

The town center is small and the streets are narrow, which makes it better to park the car on the outskirts and walk.

By bus

Stadtwerke Greifswald runs the six (1, 4, 5, 6, 7 och 20) bus lines in Greifswald. All lines, except nr 5, leave from and/or pass the bus station (ZOB, Zentraler Omnibus-Bahnhof) in the western part of the town centre. Note that the lines may take different routes depending on time and day.

By bike

Being a university town with many narrow streets, Greifswald is considered a "bicycle city", even though that fact is not as well known as it is about places like Erlangen or Münster. If you are in town for more than just a day, consider renting a bike and exploring the (rather flat) surroundings as well as the city by bike. Besides giving you exercise it is often the fastest and most straightforward method of getting around.

By car

The town center is small with narrow streets. It is better to park the car and walk. If you want to rent a car, you can do it here:

By cab



There are quite a few recurring events worth visiting:






Mobile telephony/broadband

The town has excellent coverage for both 2G and 3G.

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