Greenville (Mississippi)

Greenville is a city in Washington County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 41,633 at the 2000 census, but according to the 2007 census bureau estimates, it has since declined to 35,764, making it the eighth largest city in the state. It is the county seat of Washington County.


Greenville was named after American Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene. Greenville is located on the eastern bank of Lake Ferguson, an oxbow lake left from an old channel of the Mississippi River.

Get in

By plane

Mid Delta Regional Airport, located northeast of downtown Greenville, serves the city and the Mississippi Delta region. It has commercial air service provided by Silver Airways to Atlanta.

By car

U.S. Highway 82, U.S. Highway 61 and the Great River Road (Mississippi Highway 1) are the main transportation arteries through the Greenville area. U.S. Highway 82 is a major part of the Mçississippi Delta's transportation network, as it connects to Interstate 55 and other major four-lane highways. In 2010, a new four-lane Greenville Bridge crossed the Mississippi River south of Greenville into Lake Village, Arkansas. This $206 million cable-stayed span, the longest of its kind in the continental United States, replaced the now-demolished Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge as the primary bridge.

Get around

Rental cars are available at the airport. Car is the primary way to travel around Greenville. Limited taxi services operate throughout the city but are not common to find. There is also a bus station on Highway 82, although it is only open for a few hours each day and sends and receives a very limited number of buses. Walking around the downtown area can also an efficient way to get around, although it should be noted that the downtown area of Greenville is notoriously unsafe and crime-ridden even in the day.


Warfield Point Park This park located right by Greenville on Warfield Point Park Road is a great place to picnic and watch the Mississippi River from the viewing tower. There is also an old fishing boat and hiking trails.

Nelco Movie Theater The newly built Nelco Movie Theater located at 600 Cinema Way (right off of Highway 1 South) is a great place to watch movies and a real hot spot for Greenville citizens.

Delta Center Stage Theater A historic performance theater located at 300 South Main Street. A current schedule of upcoming plays may be found on the theater's website:

Casinos Greenville is known for its great casinos which attracts many visitors - Harlow's Casino Resort, Bayou Caddy's Jubilee Casino, and the Lighthouse Point Casino. A fourth casino is reportedly to be built soon. Live music performed by famous musicians is common.

Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge While technically in Hollandale - a small town some minutes outside of Greenville - the Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge is a major point of interest to anyone in the Greenville area. The scenery of the area is stunning. Opportunities to see many interesting and increasingly rare animals native to the area abound, such as the American alligator, American black bear, bobcat, white-tailed deer, and otter, as well as many birds such as various species of heron, ibis, egret, and duck.

Other Greenville has many other venues including a racetrack, a rodeo, a YMCA, The Delta Blues Festival, The Winterville Indian Mounds, and more.


Greenville Mall, 1651 Highway 1 South. Contains shops and an arcade with good shopping offered.


Doe's Eat Place Greenville's most popular eating establishment located at 502 Nelson Street. Serving homemade steaks and tamales that are known throughout the south to be some of the best around. The prices are high.

Posecai's Restaurant One of Greenville's most popular restaurants serving many southern foods, steaks, Cajun foods, and seafood located at 1443 Trailwood Drive.

Sherman's Restaurant A popular Greeenville restaurant serving seafood and steak and many other good dining choices, located at 1400 South Main Street.

Kepler's Italian Grille An Italian restaurant located at 533 Highway 82.

Yamato Japanese Steak House A new restaurant serving Japanese food and sushi, located in the Wal-Mart Shopping Center on Highway 1 South.

San Juan's Mexian Grill A popular Mexican restaurant located in the Kroger Shopping Center on Highway 1 South.

Shipley's Doughnuts Greenville's best doughnut shop serving a wide variety of homemade doughnuts located at 1401 Highway 1 South.

The Delta Grind A cool little coffee shop that serves a wide variety of coffee and other drinks such as milkshakes and juices. Free Wi-Fi is available, and there is often live music. Located in the Kroger Shopping Center on Highway 1 South.

Rivals A sports bar offering great food and service, located at 2309 Highway 1 South.

Other Greenville has many other restaurants including dine-in Chinese, Mexican, barbecue, family owned diners, and more, as well as fast food and pizza chains such as Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Captain D's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeye's, Church's Chicken, Subway, Quizno's, Pizza Hut, and Domino's. Greenville is also noted for its places where one can buy good hot tomales.

Stay safe


It should be considered of utmost importance that anyone considering visiting Greenville realize that the town is notorious for its bad crime, often considered to be among of the worst in the country. The downtown area in particular and much of the town north of Highway 82 (this highway often seen as a sort of "dividing line" by many) is continuously ridden with theft, assault, and much more, sometimes even in daylight and in popular areas such as near the library or churches. If one must go into more dangerous parts of Greenville, it is still better to do so in the day, and to be accompanied with other people; it is less dangerous for a female to go along with males. The most that can be done to protect oneself is to use the most common sense as possible, such as always locking one's car and never leaving valuable items inside, staying away from dark and deserted areas and not taking dangerous routes when it isn't necessary, and not drawing too much attention to oneself (i.e., wearing expensive jewelry or females wearing too revealing of clothes). While police have made some attempts to monitor and patrol downtown Greenville more, many residents complain that the town's police force is still highly ineffective. Much of south Greenville - for example, along Highway 1 South near the Nelco Movie Theater and Country Club, South Main Street near the Bowmanor Subdivision and Bayou Road, and the area surrounding Cypress Road - is considered to be generally safe and inhabited by middle- to upper-class families, although some crime occasionally drifts into these areas as well.


It should also be noted that Greenville is a town of ever-present and prominent racial discord, despite moderate progress since the 1950s. Many older, more upper-class whites (a small yet powerful minority) in particular still harbor views of varying degrees of racism, although this phenomenon is significantly less common in most middle-aged or younger whites (yet still very pronounced in others). Socializing and mixing with blacks too much could possibly be discouraged by some middle-aged white parents today, though it would have been a lot more common a few decades ago. Conversely, some blacks (whose race accounts for about 70% of the town's population) hold to what is commonly referred to as "reverse racism;" for example, it is often hard for a white teenager to find a job in local fast food or retail establishments where the management and all the employees are black. A visiting black man could possibly be looked down on by a white man, and vice versa. Both races often tend to form their own areas in the town, with a few middle-class areas being more or less mixed.

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