Green Island (Great Barrier Reef)

Beautiful Green Island

Green Island is a 6000 year old coral cay located in Great Barrier Reef, just 27 km (17mi) offshore from the tropical North Queensland city of Cairns. The island is approximately 15 hectares in size and is unique in that it has a reef and rainforest environment. Of the 300 coral cays in the Great Barrier Reef, Green Island is the only one with a rainforest. The island sits on the north-western edge of the reef flat. The surrounding reef is classified an "inshore patch reef".

The island accommodates a large volume of day-trippers, and a few overnight guests. It gets very much quieter after the last ferry departs for the day.

After hosting so many day-trippers for so long, it is unfortunate that much of the coral off the beach is damaged. However, if you are more comfortable catching a glipse of what the reef has to offer walking from the beach rather than diving from a boat or platform, and if you'd like to break up your day with other activities, Green Island is still a good choice.

Get in

Green Island is accessible by fast ferry from Cairns with Great Adventures Reef and Green Island Cruises. Great Adventures’ fast modern catamarans take just 45 minutes to reach the island and depart at three convenient times daily, 8:30AM, 10:30AM and 1:00PM for a range of half day or full day tours.

Get around

Green Island has extensive boardwalks that wind through the resort and day visitor areas, deep into the vine-thicket rainforest and with access boardwalks direct to the beach areas. Canoes and sea kayaks are available to hire to explore around the island by water.



Green Island is an adventure playground for day visitors seeking a wide range of island activities. Many optional activities are provided by island operators.


The Resort and Day Visitor area has some great retail shops for island and beach wear, gifts and souvenirs. Also check out Marineland Melanesia for some unique gifts. A photographic service is available on the island. The photo team accompany Seawalker and Scuba Dive tours and have images available for purchase.


Green Island Resort operates the food outlets on the island.



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