Great Barrington

Main Street on a spring day

Great Barrington is a pleasant town in the Berkshire Hills region of Massachusetts.


Great Barrington's population was 7,104 in 2010, according to the US Census, and it does not feel like a tiny town at all, as it has a row of buildings around a half a mile long on Main St. (US Highway 7) and a few side streets, including a couple of nice churches. Great Barrington also has a claim to fame as the childhood home of the famous civil rights leader, W. E. B. Du Bois.

Get in

Railroad St. in downtown Great Barrington

By car

From points south and north, take US Route 7 North and South, respectively. For points east and west, take I-90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike), which is a few miles north of town, and Exit 2 (from the east) or B3 (from the west).

By bus

Regular service on the routes up and down Route 7 from New York City to Vermont.

By train

There was once a passenger train to Great Barrington, as witness the name "Railroad St." However, it has been a long time since it was operational. The closest passenger train stops, nowadays, are in New York State and not worth going to for access to Great Barrington.

Get around

You can get around the downtown area fairly easily on foot. To go further than that, you will need a car or at least a bicycle.


View looking southeast from Devils Pulpit on Monument Mountain


Great Barrington is home to a successful local currency experiment. The local currency is called BerkShares. You can use BerkShares at hundreds of stores and businesses throughout the Berkshires. Using Berkshares helps local businesses and community residents by increasing the local money supply. Visitors and shoppers benefit as Berkshares can be purchased at several local banks for 90% of face value and redeemed at full value at local merchants. Berkshares banknotes are beautiful notes featuring images of local artists and historical figures.


Mason Library

Great Barrington has a wide variety of dining options despite the town's small size. Although the restaurants skew towards the pricey farm-to-table end of the spectrum, there are options to satisfy any price point.




Searles Castle



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