Grasse is the home of the perfume industry that is built on the side of a hill inland from the coast of the French Riviera.


Views of Grasse are inspiring and the views of the coast (e.g. Cannes and Antibes) from Grasse and the hills above are marvellous. The surrounding villages are generally charming and not as despoiled by tourists as their more famous neighbors towards the coast.

Get in

The 4 lane N2285 'penetrante' from the A8 exit 42 (Grasse/Cannes) is the recommended access route. It terminates rather abruptly just before the steep ascent into Grasse on the old N85 (route Napoleon). Fortunately you do not need to go much further to get to the couple of perfumeries which is probably the main reason to visit.

It is also quite possible to take the meandering inland roads from Vence via the Loup Valley and/or Fayence.

You can also get by train from Nice or Cannes.

From Nice there are frequent buses run every 30 to 40 minutes to Grasse. The journey takes approximately 1.5 hour and costs €1.50. Tickets are for sale on the bus.

From Cannes there are buses to Grasse as well, but less frequent.



The Grasse area is good for outdoor activities, as well as hiking in the hills it is possible to ride horses, go mountain biking and play golf and tennis.

There are many golf courses such as the Golf Country Club de Saint Donat (270 rte Cannes GRASSE tel: 04 93 09 76 60), or the Golf du Grande Bastide (761 chem Picholines CHATEAUNEUF tel: 04 93 77 70 08 fax: 04 93 77 72 36).

Although most towns have a municipal tennis club these tend to be rather cliquey and not very welcoming to foreigners. The Tennis Club Plaine Le Vignal (268 chem Picholines CHATEAUNEUF tel: 04 93 60 14 20 fax: 04 93 60 14 35) is more accommodating to foreigners and also has a pleasant restaurant with a very cheap and basic menu and a swimming pool.

Horse Riding - try the Club Hippique de La Brague (chem Ranch 06740 CHATEAUNEUF tel: 04 93 60 16 10 fax: 04 97 01 06 44) near the Vignal, the Club Hippique Grasse (168 rte Cannes 06130 GRASSE tel: 04 93 70 55 41) between Grasse and Mouans Sartoux, or the Poney Club École Equitation (42 chem Mosquée GRASSE tel: 04 93 36 13 23) on the way to Magagnosc



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