A view of the First Baptist Church (on the left) and the Courthouse (white building in the center) from the Twin Mountains, near downtown Graham, TX.

Graham is a small town (pop. 8,903 in 2010) in rural north Texas and is the county seat of Young County. Graham sits about 90 miles west of Fort Worth. It resides in the heart of what many of the locals call "Lake Country" due to its proximity to several lakes including Possum Kingdom Lake, Lake Edleman, and Lake Graham.


Graham is a small town where most of the citizens have a traditional and generally conservative outlook on life. This is a good thing in the sense that if you are a friendly person who is willing to openly converse in a jovial manner, you will have no problem meeting like-minded friendly people and your stay in Graham will be a happy and memorable one.

Graham, not unlike many small communities in Texas, is known for its friendly citizens and a certain "down home" Texas-Americana feel. Outsiders are often surprised (and oddly enough, sometimes offended) at the amount of hellos, howdys, and hat tips a person may receive for merely crossing paths with a local. If it gets weird, and indeed it might, just roll with it, return the gesture, and be friendly.


Graham lies on the eastern edge of the Texas Panhandle and at the southern end of the infamous Tornado Alley. It is wise to pay attention to weather reports during the spring storm season, which runs generally from March through early June.

Average High Temperature:

Annual Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
77.5 56.3 60.2 69.4 77.7 84.1 91.9 97.1 97.6 89.9 79.8 67.6 58.4

Average Low Temperature

Annual Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
50.5 29.0 32.8 40.8 49.9 59.2 67.9 71.4 70.7 63.2 51.2 39.4 31.1

Get in

By car

Coming into town from the east and the north is US Hwy 380, which is the biggest highway running through Graham. Entering Graham from the west are two Farm-to-Market roads, FM61 and FM209, and also State Hwy 67, from Breckenridge. Hwy 16 runs up and through town from the south. Graham is no where near any major interstate, so a trusty map or a reliable GPS is a must if you've never traveled the area.

By plane

There is a small municipal airport on the eastern side of town.

Countryside South of Graham, TX

Get around

The only place truly accommodating to walkers is the downtown square, which Graham boasts as the biggest in the USA. There are a couple of small eateries on the square, but most of the restaurants in town can be best reached by car. There are no taxi services or public transportation of any kind so knowing a few locals, and riding around with them, is always your best bet.




Graham has several antique stores that some visitors might find appealing.


When compared to larger communities, Graham's options as far as food and drink may seem limited. It's almost imperative to find and meet up with locals. Most are very friendly and accommodating and the backyard Texas BBQ is always much better than anything you can find in restaurants inside the city limits.


Graham has been recently reestablished by the voters of the community to a completely dry town. There is no beer, wine, or spirits sold anywhere in the town, aside from a few choice restaurants. There are beer and liquor stores outside of town about 15-30 miles to the south (Hwy 16), the north (in Newcastle), and to the east (in Bryson). It's always a good idea, if you plan on having a few drinks during your stay, to stop at one of these stores on your way into town. It'll save you a 45-minute round-trip to get alcohol later on during your visit.




Cell phone signal can be sketchy at times. However, the Graham area now supports cell technologies such as LTE. Approaching town is another story. It is not uncommon for one to completely lose all usable cell signal in the surrounding areas outside of town.


Residences and businesses in Graham have access to high-speed Internet, but, the only public access to said Internet connection is probably at the Library of Graham. The library is on Cherry Street.

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