Golmud (格尔木; Ge'ermu) is a city in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China.


With more than 200 000 people Golmud is the second biggest city in Qinghai province. The city is worth visiting only if you are en route to Tibet. Golmud is in the middle of dry desert without anything, built up just to mine natural sources as salt, magnesium etc. The population is more than 90% Han Chinese who moved here to work.

The government tries to complicate trips for foreigners; there are just a few (of course most expensive) hotels where foreigners can stay. It isn't worth staying here longer than to manage permission and leave. Beware you don't arrive on a Friday afternoon because PSB is closed during weekend.

Get in

By plane

Golmud Airport operates flights to and from Xining and Xi'an.

By train

Golmund station (Qinghai Huochezhan) is on Jiangyuan Road and has direct connections with the following major cities:

Beijing (34 hours), Chengdu, (28 hours), Chongqing (28 hours), Guangzhou (46 hours), Lanzhou (16-17 hours), Lhasa (14 hours), Shanghai (37 hours) and Xining (14-16 hours), Xi'an (20-22 hours)

By bus

The following cities are connected to Golmud by direct bus links:

Dunhuang (11 hours), Lhasa (30-42 hours), Mangya (=Huadugou) (10 hours), Delingha (5 hours) - city is closed to foreigners, you can get there from Tianjun, Xining

Get around

Taxis are a cheap and convenient option.




There are a few cheap hotels located around the train and bus stations, but they tend to be noisy and grubby.

Mid range

Go next

NB: On the way north or south no tickets can be bought without an Aliens' Travel Permit (Lüxing zheng, 旅行证), which are issued by the PSB office for 50Y in a matter of minutes. The PSB Office is on the right side, in front of the gate to the main police building . (Closed on Saturday and Sunday.) make sure you bring a passport sized photo with you if you intend to make the 9am bus to Dunhuang. The PSB opens at 8:30am so its pretty tight, impossible if you have to go off to get a photo done. Going to Xining raises no problems.

Routes through Golmud

Xining Qinghaihu Lake  N  S  Lhasa

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