Vaca Brava Park, in Goiânia

Goiânia, the capital of Goiás, is a mid-sized city in central Brazil.


One of several major planned cities, Goiânia was founded in 1933. The city plan is generally radial, with Avenida Goiás running north-south and intersecting Avenida Anhanguera at the center. It was planned for about 50,000 inhabitants, but as of 2011 it has over 2 million. The architectural plan was designed by Atílio Correia Lima, who took the art-deco style to the first buildings of the city. It was founded by Pedro Ludovico Teixeira because the old capital, City of Goiás, did not meet the administrative needs of the state capital.

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By plane

Good air service. Non-Stop flights from São Paulo - 1 hour 20 minutes flight time. From Goiânia, there are numerous flights per day to other cities in Brazil, either through São Paulo or Brasilia. At the airport of Goiânia you can do business and exchange offers many rental vehicles and taxi points.

By bus

Goiânia has a very good bus station at Praça do Trabalhador, (worker's square), which connects it to any other place in Brazil. So, taking a bus to or from Goiânia will not be a big problem. If you visit Brasilia, which is 3 hours away by bus (R$35 - conventional bus [approximately 20 US dollars]) it's even easier to visit. The bus station is on the northern side, about 1 km from the central district. The bus terminal shares its location with Araguaia Shopping.

Get around

For International Visitors, taxis are you best option. Fares run around R$20.00 (US$10.00) or less for most rides within the central area of the city


Teatro Goiânia

During the day, there really much to be seen in Goiânia... but it's most like the urban center of a young region. There are a couple of parks you can visit, shoppings and commercial streets. At the night scenery, you'll find many bars, pubs and night clubs filled with young people. Each of these is attended by very well defined social classes.



Bosque dos Buritis


Shopping centers

Shopping Streets

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Full range of options - from Backpacker to Business Executive.

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