Gjirokastër is a town and a UNESCO world heritage site in Southeastern Albania.

View of Gjirokaster from the Castle


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Transportation and other tourism information is available from the employees of the Tourism Information Center (TIC), located in the old town, on the left side of the road leading towards the castle.

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Gjirokastër can be divided into roughly two halves, the old town up on the hill, and the new town in the valley below. You can walk just about anywhere if you're able to handle the steep cobbled streets. Taxis are cheap and there is a public bus circuit that connects the old town and the new town for about 30 leke. From the roundabout at the center of town to the bus station on the National Road is a fairly flat, easy, 10 minute walk along the main boulevard. Taxis will make this trip for around 200 leke.


An example of some of the old Ottoman houses in Gjirokastër

Archaeological sites





Gjirokastër is known for its Qifqi (baked dish made of rice, egg, and seasonings). The city is also well known for its dairy products, especially its white cheese.

There are a number of well established restaurants in Gjirokastër catering to travellers and the local crowd.

Old town

New town





Characteristic street in Gjirokastra

There are a number of internet cafes in Gjirokastër which usually charge between 50 and 100 Lek per hour.

There are also a few cafes which provide free wireless:



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