Gir Forest National Park

Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and protected forest area in Gujarat, India. It is considered one of the most important protected natural areas in Asia due to the rare animals living here, particularly the pure Asiatic Lions (Panthera leo persica).


The park has a total area of 1412 km², from which 258 km² are in the fully protected national park and the remaining 1153 km² make up the sanctuary. It is home of Asiatic Lions and a total of 450 of them can be seen.

Lions in the park


The Gir forest area and the Asiatic lions were first "protected" by the Nawab of the princely state of Junagadh as early as the start of the 20th century, which saved the lion population from fully disappearing as a result of trophy hunting. In 1965 the national park was established. In 2005 there were only 52 Asiatic lions and were expected to be endangered in India soon, however with exceptional hardwork and relentless efforts the National park is able to increase the number of Asiatic Lions to 450+ in 2014.


Between April to June it can be very hot due to tropical heat. From November to February beginning climate is pretty cool. However during end of December it may feel chilly, make sure to carry your jackets for safety.



Dry & fried snacks like Lays potateo chips are easily available. Lot of small food stalls with average quality of food are present. Prices are nominal. Make sure to drink bottled mineral water for safety.

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