Gimhae (김해,金海市, formally romanized as Kimhae) is a city located to the west of Busan in the south-eastern province of South Gyeongsang, South Korea.

View of Gimhae


 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 9.4 10.6 15.1 20.8 25.4 26.6 29.5 28.1 28.0 22.9 16.8 7.2
Nightly lows (°C) -1.1 1.4 4.7 10.0 14.4 18.5 21.9 21.8 18.6 12.8 7.1 -2.3
Precipitation (mm) 11.8 28.2 135.6 78.9 108.2 51.6 228.8 676.6 126.2 126.5 47.2 15.2

Source: 2014 Korea Meteorological Administration

Often overlooked as just the location of Busan's airport, Gimhae has plenty of historical sights and famous chicken restaurants to try.

Get in

By plane

Gimhae is home to Busan's airport, Gimhae International Airport (IATA: PUS). The light rail station will quickly connect you from outside the airport to the town itself.

By light rail

Light rail station

The Busan Gimhae Light Rail line meets up with both the brown and green Metro lines. The light rail provides a convenient way for getting to Gimhae town. Note that the light rail ticketing is not integrated with the Busan Metro, and therefore a separate ticket is required to change between them.

By train

Gimhae has two Korail stations: Hallimjeong Station (한림정역) and Jinyeong Station (진영역). The nearest high-speed KTX station is Gupo, in West Busan.

Get around

Central Gimhae is fairly easy to walk, but there are also plentiful bus and taxi services. The primary method of transportation among locals is by car. There is a light rail line along the west and south perimeters of the central Gimhae area, but it is better suited for travel to and from nearby Busan.


Scupltures at the site of the tomb of Kim Suro
The tomb of Kim Suro


As with much of Korea, there are many good places to eat especially in the central district. However, Gimhae has become famous for its chicken restaurants that have begun on the west side of the area, near Sinan-ri, particularly on Dae-Am San mountain.

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