Geneva (New York)

Geneva is the name of both a town and a city in Ontario County, in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The City of Geneva is surrounded by the Town of Geneva.

Get around

You'll need a car to get around the city, unless you only want to see downtown and the historical district. You can do that by foot.



There are several types of food available in Geneva:

Fast Food

Mostly located downtown. Nearly every variety is available, but you'll probably need a car to get there (see "transportation" section). You may eat it if you wish.


This could also be listed under the "Good Food" heading. Geneva has some excellent pizza joints.

People will argue over the virtues of Cam's (thin crust) vs. Mark's (thick crust). In my opinion, they're both delicious.

Uncle Joe's is also good, and does a terrific lunch special for about the price of a gallon of gas. They make their cookies in house. If you don't get any pizza while you're in Geneva....well, you've wasted a trip, haven't you?

Good Food

This can be harder to come by. The quality of food is rising in Geneva, but can still often be disappointing from a Continental or Big-City point of view.

For a consistently good meals, try the Madderlake Cafe. The cafe looks humble, but is run by a couple who came east from the wine growing regions of California, where standards and competition are stiffer. The wine there is excellent, as one of the couple is a sommelier (the other is the chef). The food is higher quality than many of the 'fancier' restaurants around.

Bad Food

There's a wide range of this, ranging from greasy spoon diners to the poorly prepared, over priced with ambiance that will demand your firstborn child as payment.

And there's some places inbetween that are just fine, and to the locals, some of these places are classic.

If you want to visit a local hangout, try:

and, for a $2.50 breakfast that can't be beat and enough coffee to make you wizz your tits off

And while you're there, soak up some real, cheap, ambiance. Upstate New York style, yo.


Downtown Geneva is littered with local hangouts, some more holey-in-the-wall than others. This is part of the upstate charm.

Note: all of these places also serve food. The writer does not recommend any of the straight up "bars" in Geneva. Leave that to the townies.


The Belhurst Castle sits just south of Geneva perched upon the lakeside....perfect romantic getaway, excellent bar, and functioning wine spiget in the hallway of the second floor of the castle.

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