Ganzhou (赣州; Gànzhōu) is a city in Jiangxi Province.


Ganzhou is a beautiful, laid back country city in southern Jiangxi. It is a great place to experience the real China, the people are friendly, and the food is spicy.

Get in

By plane

China Southern Airlines from Guangzhou, one flight a day.

By train

From Guangzhou, Nanchang, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

By bus

From Guangzhou, Nanchang and Shenzhen.

Get around

Taxi is the easiest, fastest way. The city also has buses and is very easy to walk.



Ganzhou tabacco.


River fish, Chinese country cooking (with lots of chili).


Tea, snake wine.


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Routes through Ganzhou

Beijing Nanchang  N  S  Dongguan Shenzhen

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