The Seongyojang residence

Gangneung (강릉) is the largest coastal city in Gangwon Province, third largest overall. It is nestled at the east side of South Korea's longest mountain range, Taebaek. The Taebaek Mountains stretch along the eastern edge of Korean Peninsula and run along the East Sea. Geologically isolated from most parts of the country, Gangneung was able to preserve its own distinct culture and to date it has a tendency of being politically and culturally more conservative.


Get in

By bus

Gangneung Bus Terminal connects Gangneung to all major cities in Korea. Gangneung is a popular weekend destination during the summer for Koreans living in the capital area. There is only one expressway that connects Gangneung to Seoul. Consequently, traffic gets very heavy coming in on Fridays and leaving on Sundays. Here you can find the main tourist information centre (TIC).

By train

Gangneung Station is the terminus for the Dong Hae line of Korail. There is a train that connects to Cheongnyangri Station in Seoul, but it goes takes a circuitous route through the mountains and takes 6 hours. A tourist information booth is in front of the station.

Get around

Downtown Gangneung is not very big. One can cross downtown on foot in 15 minutes. Getting to other popular areas will take less than 15 minutes by taxi from downtown. Most streets in Gangneung have names and signs.

By bus

The public bus system is good. Most signs on the buses do not have English. Sometimes one bus number will have two routes; be careful, particularly if boarding near the bus terminal. Fare is a flat ₩1,200 for city routes when you pay cash and 1,080 won when you use T-money.

By taxi

Flagfall for a taxi is ₩2,200. Most taxi drivers do not speak English.

By bike

Most bicycle shops sell second hand bicycles starting at about ₩50,000. You can buy one and sell it back to the shop for about 50% of purchase price.


The "village guardians" at Ojukheon




There are several market places in Gangneung. Gangneung Jung Ang Market is located at the center of the city and is the largest one in the area. Jumunjin Fish Market located at Jumunjin Harbor is also very popular with tourists as they can see and buy various types of fish, inkfish, and shellfish.

There are two major discount stores, Homeplus and E-Mart.




Sun cruise hotel - built to look like a cruise ship


The area code for Gangneung and the rest of Gangwon province is 033.

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Pyeongchang, the site of the 2018 Winter Olympics is located approximately 30km west of Gangneung. There are several ski resorts such as Alpensia Ski Resort, the location where the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics will take place, and Yongpyong Ski Resort which has 31 slopes and 15 different lift facilities.

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