Gabes is in the Gulf of Gabes, along the Tunisian coast, and the last stop for the railway line heading south. For most tourists, you will pass through Gabes on the way to another city.

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A mosque in Gabes


Multiple fast food places line the louage station area.


Hotel options in Gabes are not impressive. Most tourists will want to catch a series of two quick louages to Matmata, or another destination.

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The main louage station is near the Palmerie.

Louages to Matmata, however, leave from a different place: the Esso station about 300 meters to the East of the main louage station. The first louage will get you to Matmata Nouvelle (New Matmata) for 1.5 TD, and another louage to old Matmata (1 TD).

While the bus may drop you off near the louage station, the bus station is (unverified) located about 200 meters to the South-West.

The train station is (unverified) about 700 meters to the East of the Louage station.

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