Gönen is a city in Southern Marmara, Turkey.

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Gönen is 80 km northwest of Balikesir.



Hot Springs (Kaplıca) Gönen is mostly known for its thermal springs which have been in continuous use since the Romans. Temperature of the slightly alkaline thermal water is 52°C, with a pH value of 7.36. The thermal water is hyperthermal, and hypertonic, and is known to contain copious amounts of sulphur, chlorine, bicarbonate, and sodium. It can be applied both internally (i.e. by drinking) and externally (i.e. by having a bath). It’s said to help heal liver, gall bladder and kidney ailments by drinking, and rheumatism, infections of the large intestine, hardening of the arteries and neurological and vascular complications by bathing.



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