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Gödöllő is a city in Pest County, Hungary, about 30 km east of Budapest. It is often visited as a daytrip from Budapest, or as a stop off while travelling to Eastern Hungary. It is among the most popular destinations for Austrians visiting Hungary, largely due to the royal palace, former home of Emperor Franz Josef and Queen Elizabeth.

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By bus

By rail

Budapest has two suburban rail systems: the HÉV operated by BKV (the transport company in Budapest), and regular személy trains operated by MÁV (the national rail operator). Both serve Gödöllő, but not the same parts. However, if coming from central Budapest MÁV is almost always the better option, although HÉV is more practical if you are arriving directly from the Franz Liszt Airport (first take #200E from the airport to Kőbánya-Kispest, and from there on take #85 to Örs vezér tere, its final stop; both of these are bus lines with quite frequent departures, even on Sundays).


HÉV train stopped in Gödöllő

The Gödöllő HÉV originates at Örs Vezér tere in Budapest, the eastern terminus of the metro line 2. Be sure to take a train towards Gödöllő and not Csömör or Cinkota. Gödöllő has four HÉV stops. Service pattern is 4 trains/h during peak hours and 2 trains/h at other times, and the trip from Örs Vezér tere takes 51 min. Tickets can be bought at Örs Vezér tere or from the inspector on board, and the fare is 720 HUF, consisting of two tickets: a regular one for 350 ft that you should stamp inside the train, and an extension ticket for 370 ft that an inspector will come over to check (though if you have a Budapest period travelcard, this is reduced to 365 HUF).

MÁV suburban rail

The Gödöllő train station

Gödöllő is also served by MÁV suburban trains on the Budapest - Gödöllő - Hatvan line, which originates at Keleti pályaudvar (metro line 2) in Budapest. Service pattern is generally 2 trains/h Budapest - Gödöllő with 1 train/h running onwards to Hatvan. Gödöllő has three MÁV stops: Gödöllő-Állami telepek, Gödöllő, and Máriabesnyő. The Hatvan trains will stop in all three, the Gödöllő trains only at Állami telepek and Gödöllő station. The ride takes 38 minutes and costs 745 HUF (though if you have a Budapest period travelcard, this is reduced to 365 HUF).

By car

Gödöllő is accessible by the M3 motorway out of Budapest.

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Main bus station

Most of the main sights are within walking distance of Szabadság tér. The HÉV can be used within Gödöllő, at a cost of 155 HUF a ticket. If travelling to Máriabesnyő suburban trains bound for Hatvan leave every hour from the main station. There is also a free bus that runs from the train station to downtown and then on to TESCO that runs roughly every hour. A complete local bus schedule can be found at Volánbusz's website.


Town Center

Royal Palace of Gödöllő
Royal Palace of Gödöllő, Royal Suites
Town Museum of Gödöllő
Capuchin church in Máriabesnyő


Szent István Egyetem

Állami telepek


Patriot Monument, Isaszeg

Further afield

Fot city map
Károlyi Palace of Fót



Erzsébet Park, Gödöllő's prettiest park

City Parks Gödöllő is considered a city of parks. The three main parks are all located around the palace: Alsó park (lower palace park), Felső park (upper palace park), and Erzsébet park, named after Queen Elizabeth.


Petőfi Sándor Művelődési Központ






In an around Szabadság tér are a few places to get gyros or hamburgers.


Ice Cream

From Spring to Autumn, home-made ice cream, cakes, and soft drinks can be purchased at the main entrance to Erzsébet Park.


Gödöllő is close enough to Budapest that you probably won't need to look for accommodation here. If you plan on staying, however, here are some options.


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