Northern Coast (Fujian)

The Northern Coast is an area of Fujian Province in China.


Downtown Fuzhou

In the Chinese administrative system, the region is divided into two prefectures whose administrative centers are the cities of Fuzhou and Ningde.

Other destinations


The local languages of the region are Mindong (Eastern Min or Fuzhou Hua) and Minbei (Northern Min).

As anywhere in China, Mandarin is the lingua franca, very widely spoken. English is not widespread, but some people speak it well.

Get in

The main cities are all on the fast train line connecting Fuzhou and Shanghai, and all of them have stations but not all trains stop at all stations.

There is also a good modern highway connecting all these cities, plus smaller highways running inland to various other towns.

Get around

Except for the Min River valley, where Fuzhou and Mawei are located. most of the terrain here is quite hilly. There are roads through most of it, and some like the main Shenzhen-Shanghai highway which passes through the region near the coast or the links from Fuzhou to major nearby places like Mawei, Changle and Fuqing are modern multi-lane divided highways. Out in the countryside, though, there are lots of lesser roads and some villages in the hills have only a dirt road leading in.

Fairly frequent local bus service, contains most towns (镇) with neighboring towns and the county seat. Ferries operate across some river estuaries. For example, there is passenger ferry service from Long'an 龙安 (the port for Dianxia Town 店下镇, connected by bus service to Fuding and Taimushan) to Shacheng Town (傻城镇), the port town on the border with Zhejiang, from which one can travel north into Zhejiang (the Yuliao 渔寮 resort area and beyond, toward Cangnan and Wenzhou) along the winding coastal road (bus service available).

Go next

The easiest way to leave this region is via the high-speed rail line running through the area roughly parallel to the coast. Going north this takes you into Zhejiang province, with Wenzhou just across the border and Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shanghai further on. Going south, it goes to other Fujian cities Putian, Quanzhou, Xiamen ... and then into Guangdong province, to Shantou and Shenzhen.

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