Fukuyama is a city in Hiroshima Prefecture.

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By train

Fukuyama, an intermediate stop on the San'yo Shinkansen line, is approximately 25 minutes from Hiroshima via the Hikari (¥4800), one hour from Osaka (¥7850) and 90 minutes from Fukuoka (¥11000). One-seat rides on the Nozomi depart once per hour from Kyoto (80 minutes, ¥8700), Nagoya (2 hours, ¥12200) and Tokyo (3 3/4 hours, ¥17200).

You cannot use the Nozomi with the Japan Rail Pass; if coming from Tokyo, Nagoya or Kyoto you will have to change trains en-route. However, there are two early-morning Hikari trains from Nagoya and Kyoto that offer a one-seat ride to Fukuyama.

By bus

From Tokyo, Odakyu Bus and Chugoku Bus operate the nightly Etoile Seto to Fukuyama from Shinjuku Station (9 1/4 hours, ¥10500 each way).

Keihan Kyoto Kotsu runs three round-trips from Kyoto station (4 hours, ¥4100), and Kintetsu Bus runs seven round-trips from Osaka's Umeda and Namba stations (3 1/2 hours from Umeda, ¥3770).

From Hiroshima, Rose Liner buses operated by Ikasa Tetsudo and Tomo Tetsudo operate 2-3 times per hour out of the Hiroshima Bus Center (1 hour 40 minutes, ¥2300).



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Routes through Fukuyama

Hiroshima Shin-Onomichi  W  E  Shin-Kurashiki Shin-Osaka
Hiroshima Onomichi  W  E  Kasaoka Okayama
Hiroshima Onomichi  W  E  Kasaoka Okayama

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