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Fukushima (福島) is the capital city of Fukushima Prefecture in Honshu, Japan in the Fukushima Basin and its surrounding parts. Fukushima prefecture is the third biggest prefecture in Japan (13,782.54 km²). Known for its fruit production, Fukushima is particularly proud of their peaches, but pears and apples and persimmons are also grown. Fukushima is called peach city, because it produces the most peaches in Japan.

Fukushima was hit by high magnitude earthquake in spring 2011. A nuclear plant Fukushima Dai-ichi, located some 60 km to the south-east at the Pacific coast, was damaged in the quake and an evacuation zone was established. Fukushima city is well outside the evacuation zone. Elevated radiation levels have been detected (though still quite low), and while debate rages on about the long-term effects of these levels, a short stay in Fukushima is not likely to do you any harm.

Get in

By plane

It is a 40-minute bus ride from Fukushima Airport to Koriyama station (¥800), from which you will then have to travel to Fukushima station by Shinkansen (¥2920, 15 minutes) or local train (¥820, 45 minutes). It may be a bit more convenient to arrive in Tokyo and take the Shinkansen from there.

By train

Fukushima is a stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen line between Tokyo and Sendai, and is also served by the JR Tohoku and Yamagata lines. The Yamagata Shinkansen branches off here, traveling over conventional lines to Yamagata and Shinjo.

The travel time from Tokyo to Fukushima by Shinkansen is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, with 2 to 4 departures every hour at a cost of ¥8500 each way (non-reserved seats).

By bus

JR Bus' Abukuma makes five daily round-trips to Fukushima from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo (5 hours, ¥4800). At night, JR Bus runs the Dream Fukushima from Tokyo and Yokohama stations (6 hours from Tokyo, ¥4800). Tohoku Bus' overnight bus, called the Suite, is cheaper at ¥4500 but arrives earlier in the morning.

Kintetsu Bus and Fukushima Kotsu's Galaxy bus runs overnight to Fukushima from Kyoto (11 hours, ¥12130) and Osaka (12 hours, ¥12740).

Willer Express offers bus service to Fukushima from Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, with online bookings available in English. Willer Express' prices vary by the day you are traveling and the class of bus. Willer Express offers "Standard" (similar to Sakura's offering), and "Relax" (slightly larger seats with more leg room, a blanket, and a dome looking thing to keep the light from your eyes).

Get around

Be prepared to walk or take a taxi. The buses will take you out of Fukushima and the trains will do the same.


In the city


Sabakoyu Onsen in Iizaka hot springs

Iizaka onsen can be reached by a special short JR line. The train leaves Fukushima from a separate platform in the northern part of the station approximately every 30 minutes. The end station is Iizaka onsen and the trip takes about 20 min. The   information center is just across the street, open all year round between 9:00 and 18:00 (Tel. 024-542-4241). The staff can speak English and will equip you with an useful English booklet of the onsen and help you booking a day or overnight visit to one of the bath houses. Also they offer tours through the spa town and its surroundings. While strolling through the streets, you can enjoy three foot baths (open throughout the year, free of charge).

Other onsens:

Outside of city

One of Five Colored Lakes: Bishamon-numa Pond




Kitakata ramen


There are lots of izakayas and beer gardens in Fukushima. Passeo Dori and the roads branching from it are where most of the best places are found. Two examples are Yatta Iwamora and Jyuhachiban (十八番).


Stay Healthy

The tap water is generally safe, and hasn't been contaminated by radiation from the nearby Dai-ichi power plant.

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Routes through Fukushima

Shin-Aomori Sendai ← Shiroishi-Zaō  N  S  Kōriyama Tokyo
Shinjo Yonezawa  N  S  END connects to Tōhoku line
Akita Yonezawa  N  S  END
Sendai Shiroishi  N  S  Nihonmatsu → Koriyama Utsunomiya
Sendai Shiroishi  N  S  Nihonmatsu → Koriyama Utsunomiya

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