Fremont (Ohio)

Sandusky River

Fremont is a city in Northwest Ohio. It is the county seat of Sandusky County. Although Fremont has a rich, historic history, today many visitors come to Fremont to wade in and fish the Sandusky River. This is especially true at spawning time, when the river and banks are loaded with fishermen and State Wildlife Inspectors. Fremont is a beautiful city, with well maintined residential neighborhoods. Due to the location, it is a destination for those who enjoy Lake Erie and would prefer to be a bit away from the lake front and the little bit faster pace of life.

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By boat

If you are trying to access the Sandusky River, the only marina between here and Lake Erie can be accessed by the 1st road south of the turnpike on the east side of the road. There are also three public boat ramps to the North along the river before Sandusky Bay.

By car

Roads are well maintained, driving is easy and pleasurable.

Perfect setting for motorcycle or bike.

No public transportation.


Hayes Presidential Library



The Hayes Presidential Library has a very interesting and somewhat unusual gift shop and book store. Time well spent.


Farm Markets


Up to the late 1960's, social drinking was quite popular in Ohio and law enforcement mostly looked the other way. Then new laws and testing devices were provided to law officers. Today, they have laws against smoking in public areas that includes bars and clubs. This new regulation and enforcement has taken much out of the bar scene in Ohio, leaving only the unaware or hard core patrons in the taverns. From Fremont north to Lake Erie, drinking while driving or in control of watercraft is enforced like never before. Fines and jail terms are usually mandatory. Still, some taverns have survived and carry-out liquor sales set records. There is no lack of watering holes in this area.


Preserved Courthouse

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Toledo Perrysburg  W  E  Milan Cleveland/Akron
Bowling Green Jct N S  W  E  Sandusky Cleveland
Toledo Perrysburg  W  E  Norwalk Cleveland
Upper Sandusky Tiffin  S  N  Port Clinton Catawba Island

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