Fredonia (Arizona)

Fredonia is a small town in Northern Arizona. Although it is debatable where the center of the town is, many locals say it is at Judd Auto. Others claim it is where highways 89A and 389 come together. Fredonia is a small town in a beautiful location. It is about 1.5 miles long from one end to the other. South of it is the Kaibab Plateau and the Grand Canyon. North of it is Zion and Bryce National Parks.

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Fredonia is on US highway 89A and is a gateway city to the Grand Canyon. Most people who come to Fredonia are driving to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon or are Grand Canyon river rats on their way to Lee's Ferry. The closest large city to Fredonia is Las Vegas, Nevada, about 3 hours away.





Stay safe

Don't speed. Fredonia is one of only a handful of towns on the Arizona Strip and there are more law enforcement than in cities many times larger. There are speed traps on both the north and south limits of town.

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Routes through Fredonia

Ends at Kanab  N  E  Jacob Lake Bitter Springs
Hurricane Pipe Spring National Monument  W  E  END

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