The Coat of Arms of Fredericia, Denmark.
Location of Fredericia in Denmark.

Fredericia (IPA: ['fʀɛðɐ̥ɪɕa]) is a medium-sized fortress town which is in the Fredericia municipality in the eastern part of Jutland, Denmark. The town was originally founded in 1650 by Frederick III, after whom it was named.

Fredericia was almost selected as the Danish capital, due to its central location and large port, but in the end, Copenhagen retained the title due to its larger population.

Get in

By plane

There is no local airport in Fredericia. There are several nearby domestic and international airports in Aarhus, Billund, Esbjerg & Copenhagen. All of these airports are served by buses and/or trains which then travel onwards to Fredericia. The closest airport to Fredericia is Billund.

By train

The Emblem of Fredericia on the Old Town Hall in 2006

DSB provides rail-links between Fredericia & many of Denmark's major towns + cities. Because of Fredericia's position next to The Little Belt Bridge connecting Jutland to the island of Funen (And thus linking it with Copenhagen) Fredericia has a very well serviced line. Danish IC & Regional trains are of a very high quality, offering travellers very comfortable seating & have food + drinks served on board. So you do not have to worry if you miss breakfast, it should be available on board. (Note: Food & Drink are not served on regional trains, for example the train between Odense & Fredericia). During peak times it might be advisable to book yourself a seat, this cannot be done on the ticket machines, you can book your seats at the ticket desk. Booking a place is generally not required very early in the morning or late at night.

A monument located outside the main gate of Fredericia, commemorating King Frederick III, the founder of Fredericia (June 2006).

Trains are very regular & generally leave exactly on time. Ticket checks take place on every journey, thus it is very important that you are in possession of a valid ticket. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the train or in the train stations.

Fredericia is...

The train station is located outside of the main tourist part of the city, follow signs leading to Centrum, it will take about 5 minutes. Similarly there are taxis available outside the station.

(Note: There are two exits in Fredericia station, make sure that you leave via the ticket desk & shop, the other exit leads away from the town centre.)

For further details on train schedules & visit, . (Available in English, German & Danish.)

By car

Fredericia is situated just beside the Little Belt Bridge linking Funen & Jutland. Thus it is quite easily accessible by car on the highway to & from Funen and Zealand.

Get around

By foot

The majority of Fredericia's tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, hotels, beaches & shopping areas are very easily accessibly by foot. It is highly recommended that visitors go for a walk along the city walls & the sandy beaches. Much of the main shopping areas in the city centre are fully pedestrianised streets.

By taxi

Taxis (Danish: Taxa) are available right outside of the train station. These can be quite expensive, especially for longer trips. Since taxis are restricted to roads it can also be difficult to see some of the towns best attractions if you restrict yourself to taxi travel.

By car

If you have your own car it should be noted that there are 2500 free parking places available in Fredericia, however to use these places you need to drop into the Tourist Office for a free parking disc.

Cars can be rented in Fredericia from Hertz. Details are as below...

By bike

Like most Danish towns Fredericia is very well suited to cyclists. Cycling in Fredericia is one of the

A view of Det Hvide Vandtårn & Cannon from Fredericia's city walls, (June 2006).

fastest, cheapest and environmentally friendly ways to get from place to place. If you already have a bike in Denmark it can be taken on-board trains or taxis so that you can transport it with you directly to Fredericia.

However if you do not have a bike in Denmark you could consider renting one for your stay in Fredericia. Below is a company which specialises in renting bikes to tourists.

The Foot Soldier, Fredericia, (June 2006).
The Prince's Gate, from inside the city, Fredericia, (June 2006).

By boat

Some local companies offer trips along the fjord, this can be a great way of touring the coastline & getting a much closer look at The Little Belt Bridge. (Note: Details can be found in the 'Do' section of this article).


A view from Skærbæk Beach, Fredericia (June 2006).
The Gunpowder Tower, Fredericia (June 2006).





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Fredericia's position next to the bridge between Funen & Jutland means that many of Denmark's other towns and cities are easily accessible by rail & by road. For a day trip or a few hours outside of Fredericia you could try some of the following...

Routes through Fredericia

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