Frascati is one of the Castelli Romani, historic hill towns to the South East of Rome. It is a small relaxed town perfect for a getaway from the metropolis of Rome. World famous for its white wine which is recently winning an array of awards. Frascati has a slower pace of life, cleaner air, and a far more casual feel than the nearby capital.

Villa Aldobrandini, overlooking Frascati
San Pietro Apostolo

In 1943, Frascati, the seat of the German Fieldmarshall Kesselring, was heavily bombed by American B17s. Around half of its buildings were destroyed by a total of 1300 bombs. Many people died in that air strike and in a second air strike on January 22, 1944, the day of the battle of Anzio. The city was liberated from German occupation on June 4, 1944.

Although you probably won't notice it from a casual visit, Frascati is an important scientific center. It hosts Italy's National Institute for Nuclear Physics, as well facilities of the European Space Agency, and The Spaceguard Foundation, which aims to protect the world from collision with objects in space.

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Just 21 km from Rome, Frascati is easily accessible by public transport or in your own car. It is also very convenient to the Ciampino airport now used by a number of the budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet .


Frascati is famous for its villas, in particular Villa Aldobrandini, which dominates the town. These villas were built in the 16th Century by the Roman aristocracy as status symbols and for social activities. Most have been restored since being damaged in World War II but the cost of maintaining such buildings these days is horrendous.






The apartments are situated in a quiet place surrounded by vineyards. Outside the house there is a big garden with many trees and some garden-seats. Near the garden there is a private parking-area . Discounts for stays of at least 3 nights.

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Frascati lies on the eastern edge of the Castelli Romani, a generic name for the area to the south of Rome, Notable cities in the area are Castel Gandolfo where the Pope has his summer residence and Marino.

Routes through Frascati

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