Hahn is in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, about 100km west of Frankfurt. The village of Hahn is somewhat overshadowed by its airport, Frankfurt-Hahn, used by many budget flights as an entry point to the region. The actual village of Hahn is not easily reached from the airport by foot, since it is on the other side of the runway from the terminal. The hamlet right next to the terminal building is Lautzenhausen. While Hahn's main claim to fame is indeed the airport, its name is also somewhat funny to people who speak German, as it is the German word for a rooster. Sadly unlike the towns of Dull and Boring, there are no efforts as of 2015 to have a town twinning with Chicken, Alaska.

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By plane

Frankfurt-Hahn (IATA: HHN) airport is a major destination for various low cost airlines, most notably Ryanair. For marketing reasons, the airport calls itself "Frankfurt-Hahn", even though it is closer to the center of Luxembourg than the center of the bustling city of Frankfurt more than 100km away and with a travel time of about 90min by bus! Unlike almost all major German airports, Hahn is not connected directly to the railway system. There are talks of (re-)building a connection that once went all the way to Hahn, but due to budget problems, this has been pushed to the future numerous times, so don't hold your breath.

The modern though basic terminal hosts a range of shops and bars. There are a couple of hotels nearby. Several major car rental companies have outlets here.

The main contributor to such a change is an Irish budget airline Ryanair, which made Hahn one of its European bases and offers flights to numerous European destinations, London Stansted Airport and Riga in Latvia.

By bus

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The bus companies DB Rhein-Nahe Bus, DB Rhein-Mosel, Bohr, Flibco and Hahn Express operate direct services to Hahn-airport from cities in the region, including Frankfurt, Mainz, Luxembourg, Heidelberg, Koblenz, Trier, Metz, etc. The operators, routes and timings change constantly so see the official site for up-to-date listings.

Be aware that the bus from Frankfurt Airport can be full (as it goes from the centre of Frankfurt and makes a stop at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1), especially when time is close to popular Ryanair flights to Italy. If you have big bags, be also aware that the baggage compartment of your bus can be full, too. Allow plenty of time if having to go from Frankfurt airport to Hahn airport for a connecting flight. The main airport of Frankfurt (IATA: FRA) and Frankfurt - Hahn are 2 hours apart.

By car

Hahn is located along the B-327, a short distance from the B-50/E-42 between Bernkastel-Kues and Kirchberg; a 30km, 20 minute, drive from the Rheinböllen junction of the A61.

With a good quality road from the A61, Hahn can be easier to reach from many parts of Germany than Frankfurt Airport, as there is less chance of major traffic congestion. There can be issues in the winter as, due to its position in the Hunsrück, there can be heavy snowfalls.

If you are just picking up or dropping off someone at the airport there is a covered parking area near the airport terminal at €4 an hour and a open one that is 5 minutes free. For long stay prices range from €39 to €59 a week. It is a little bit of a walk up hill from P2 and quite a hike from P3. P4 is further away and a little more expensive but has a shuttle bus to and from the terminal. In the winter make sure you are dressed for a walk outside and have snow and ice scrapers in the car and if you are fortunate to have one, program you car heater for just before your return.

By rail

Traben-Trarbach is 9km away and has a train station which allows for easy access to the rest of Germany. The reactivation of the railway line that used to connect to Hahn has been put off again and again and the tentative opening date of 2018 is doubtful as building hasn't been approved as of early 2015

Get around

Both the airport and the hamlet of Hahn itself are small enough to allow you to walk everywhere, unless you are physically impaired.


There is an outside observation area on the first floor of the main terminal for plane spotters and those wanting to see people arriving across the tarmac.



The airport has a number of fast-food options plus a reasonable restaurant land side. For better selection of restaurants the nearby village of Sohren has a few more options.


Remember that no liquids may be carried past security control in containers larger than 100 ml, so your options are either to bring in an empty bottle or buy drinks airside. There are two convenience-goods kiosks selling drinks (inter alia), two cafes, a bakery and a McDonald's at the airport.


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