Franconian Lake District

Franconian Lake District (German: Fränkisches Seenland) is in the south-west of Nuremberg in the county of Germany.

Big Brombach Lake (Großer Brombachsee)

The lakes Altmühlsee, Brombachsee, Rothsee, Dennenloher See and Hahnenkammsee together form a lake district which is equal in size and infra-structure to the Upper Bavarian Lake District: the Altmühlsee, for example, is the same size as the Königssee, and the Große Brombachsee has the same area as the Tegernsee.

The biggest lake of the district is the Große Brombach Lake. The Big Brombach Lake is a storage lake of about 12,7 square kilometers, with about 17,5 kilometers shoreline. Its depth is about 32 meters. The scenic Small Brombach Lake is situated in the Brombach and Igelsbach valley. Full beaches and the activity on the water show the highly attractive nature of the recreational Small Brombach Lake. With its 2,5 square kilometers, the lake invites to people to go swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing, and boating.

The biggest European Trimaran passenger ship, "MS Brombachsee", crosses the Lake daily. The coastline is unspoiled; there are bike paths and hiking trails around the lake. Four recreational establishemnts and 1000 sailboat berths make this an ideal surf and sailing paradise. An ideal viewpoint is the Two-Lake-Place in Enderndorf am See.

The Altmühl Lake, situated in the broad valley of the Altmühl, sits between single villages and meadows. It was created as the first lake in the lake district and has a length of 4 km and an area of roughly 4,5 square km. The ship "Gunzenhausen" crosses the lake.

The Roth lake, which is 2,2 square kms, is divided into a economic part and a swimming area. Surfing and sailing are possible in most parts. In the north western corner there is a large nature reserve. The Roth Lake also has three recreational areas.

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The Lake District comprises of 7 lakes and several “waters”. The total expanse of water is about 20 km².

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Autobahn A6 from Nuremberg, B2 from Augsburg.

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The closest airport to the Lake District is at Nuremberg.

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