Not to be confused with Foča in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Foça is a town in Central Aegean, just north of Izmir.


Foça, not unlike many others along the Aegean coast, is a town about 3000 years old. For most of its history, it was known as Phocaea/Phokaia, which was the metropolis ("mother city", i.e. sailors of which founded the colony) of a number of cities in western Mediterranean, including Marseille, France.

Modern Foça is one of the towns with a well-preserved old town full of stone/Greek architecture on the Aegean coast, along with others such as Ayvalık, Alaçatı, and Çeşme, but perhaps the least known and the least travelled of them.

Foça was for long known for its local breed of roosters, but with the growing environmentalist movement, critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus)—after which, known as fokia in Greek and fok in Turkish, the town was named in the first place—largely replaced them as the mascot of the town. Around 20 individuals of this species, which is estimated to have a worldwide population of fewer than 600, live on the uninhabited islands just off Foça.

Foça is sometimes colloquially called Eski Foça ("old Foça") as opposed to Yeni Foça ("new Foça"), another town about 20 km to north, which was founded only about 800 years ago.

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From the airport in Izmir, you can take the tram to its final stop. From there you can catch a bus to Foca.


Waterfront of Foça


Foca offers many boat tours, for approximately 40 Turkish Liras as of July 2012. The tour lasts from 10AM to 5PM and stops at several of the small surrounding islands. Lunch is included in the tour and you can swim and snorkel at the various stops.



Most places in Foca offer a selection of alcohol. In cafes, a half liter of beer is 6-8 liras, at bars and night life oriented locations prices can be 10 liras or higher. Turkish Raki is available in many places for reasonable prices. Drinks containing liquor can be a bit more pricey, so budget minded travelers should stick to beer or raki.


Foça is within the area code (+90) 232, which it shares with many other towns and cities to north and south, including Izmir.

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