Fir of Hotova National Park

Fir of Hotova National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombetar “Bredhi i Hotoves-Dangelli”) is located near Permet in Southeastern Albania of Albania (40° 18′ 13″ N, 20° 24′ 40″ E).



With a coverage area of 34,361 hectares consisting mainly of Bulgarian Firs, the area was declared a national park by the Albanian Government on January 15, 1996 under the jurisdiction of the Permet District Forest Service, and National Agency of Protected Areas of Albana (AKZM). The area is by far the most protected forest massif in Albania, successfully resisting any damage or deforestation by man.


The impressive view of the park can be seen from Lumica Valley entrance up to Kokojka Mt summit. At the height of 800-1000 meters, there are vast meadows surrounded by centuries-old large trees forming an impressive greenbelt. There are no food facilities in the park, though food can be brought or ordered at nearby villages. Water can be secured from fresh water fountains located on the roadside along the way.

Flora and fauna

Fir of Hotova contains the largest area of Bulgarian Fir in the Balkans. Other species include maple, black horn-beam, ilex, red and black juniper, raspberry etc. Some of the park’s fauna includes the brown bear, wolf, fox, wild boar, hare, squirrel, wild goat, etc. Deer can also be seen on the pastures deep inside the forest.

Get in

Note that as of 2015, the road leading to the park from SH75 in Piskova is in rough shape and requires a 4x4.


There are no entry fees. For assistance, please contact :






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