Fars (Persian: فارس) is a province of Central Iran. It is in the south of the country and its center is Shiraz. It has an area of 122,400 sq. km. In 1996, this province had a population of 3.8 million people, out of which 42% resided in rural areas and the rest were urban settlers.

Nominally, Fars is the original homeland of the Persian people. The native name of the Persian language is Fārsi or Pārsi. Persia and Persian both derive from the Hellenized form Πέρσις Persis of the root word Pārs. Fārs is the Arabicised version of Pars. The Old Persian word was Pārsā.



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There are three distinct climatic regions in the Fars Province. First, the mountainous area of the north and northwest has moderate cold winters and mild summers. Secondly, the central regions have relatively rainy mild winters and hot dry summers. The third region located in the south and southeast and has moderate winters with very hot summers. The average temperature of Shiraz is 16.8° C, ranging between 4.7° and 29.2° C.

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Each day many domestic and international flights arrive from various air lines in Shiraz International Airport. Many flights originate in countries such as Syria, Dubai, Abodabi, Saudi Arabia and in special cases Egypt, Russia, and Turkey.

After undergoing renovation and redevelopment work in 2005 Shiraz international Airport is identified as the second most reliable and modern airport in Iran (after Imam Khomeini International Airport of Tehran). Domestic flights between Shiraz and other cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Esfahan, Ahwaz, Abadan, Kermanshah, Boshehr, Baandar Lengeh, Lar, Lamerd, Bandar abbas, Kish, Qeshm, Siry islands, Lavan, and in urgency cases to other airports in Iran.

By road

Shiraz is accessible via freeways to Isfahan, Kerman, Bushehr, Ahvaz and Yasouj, and accessible via road to Bandare Abbas.

By train

Shiraz is connected by rail road to other cities such as Tehran and Isfahan.


Naghshe Rostam


  • Alpine skiing - Sepidan ski resort is located near the city of Sepidan, in the northwest of Fars Province. It makes winter sport fans from neighbouring cities, reagons and even countries to gather in this city over the weekends. The hills of the Zagros Mountains in this region have created a suitable space for different games and sports on their snow-covered slopes.
  • Poolad Kaf is another ski resort. The pistes are served by a telecabin and 3 drag lifts. Skis can be hired and, in the summer, mountain-bikes. A snowmobile track runs around the perimeter. A new hotel complex is under construction, and should be completed by 2011 or 2012. Before then, accommodation is available next to the snowcat hanger. Rooms are doubles, with communal showers, and are clean and decently sized. Outside of the ski season, discounts can easily be negotiated, especially if you are the only visitors.

Alternatively, camping is an option. Those who speak some Farsi may wish to speak to the nomads, who will likely offer you tea and perhaps even a place to stay.


  • Faloodehye shirazi is a rose water sorbet that contains small pieces of cooked rice noodle. The dish is quite subtle, slightly sweet with just a hint of rose petals; the noodles add a chewiness to the sorbet but little flavor. Faloodeh is served with a wedge of lemon, which added a refreshing kick. It's an ideal way to end a meal on a searing day. You can order Faloodehye shirazi in Icecream shops and most tea houses (chai khaneh ). Have tea or faloodeh in the tea houses of the world famous gardens of shiraz.


Tap water in Fars province is drinkable, but has a lot of chalk in it.

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