Fada N'gourma

Street scene in Fada N'Gourma, near the central market

Fada n'Gourma is a city in East Burkina Faso, capital of the Region Est and Province Gourma, as well as seat of the king of Gulmu (=Gourma).


Fada N’Gourma is mainly inhabited by the Gulmance people, along with a smattering of Mossi and Peulh. Although the Gulmance account for only 4.5% of the national population, they have a strong culture with much history surrounding it. The founder of Fada is said to have ridden a horse up a baobab tree and disappeared, but the horse’s hoof prints remain in the tree.

Red is considered a problematic color for the Gulmance (they prefer black and white) and there is a sacred mountain in the area that a person cannot go up if he or she is wearing a red shirt. Also, the crocodiles in the barrage are considered sacred, and they may not be killed.

Get in

Fada-Ouagadougou 220K; Fada-Bilanga: 76K; Fada-Kompienga: 137K; Fada-Matiakoali: 94K; Fada-Kantchari: 150K; Fada-Niger: 172K; Fada-Benin: 150K

By bus

STMB: (Fada) (Ouaga)

Fada to Kantchari: one-way 2000 CFA; 14:00 daily

ZST: (Ouaga) Fada to Ouaga: one-way 2000 CFA, round-trip 3000 CFA; 7:00, 9:30, 13:00, 18:00 daily Ouaga to Fada: one-way 2500 CFA, round-trip 3000 CFA; 7:00, 9:00, 13:00, 18:00 daily Ouaga to Kompienga: one-way 4000 CFA, round-trip 7000 CFA; 9:00 daily Kompienga to Ouaga: one-way 4000 CFA, round-trip 7000 CFA; 7:00 daily

By taxi

"Far away" gare; minimum twice per day:

Central gare; minimum twice per day:


Entrance to the Bantia Botanical Garden with its founder Hampougouni Thiombiano

Botanical Garden Bantia: Visit this beautiful spot just 10 km South of Fada N'Gourma with typical savanna and wetland habitats of the region, trees marked with their scientific and gourmantché names, some birds, small mammals and reptiles. The garden has a central rest area, a small museum and a guesthouse, where you can spend the night. (+226 70 30 24 76)

FESDIG: The Festival Dilembu au Gulmu (FESDIG) is one of the highlights of the music scene in Burkina Faso, taking place every year in February/March in the village Tiantiaka just outside of Fada N'Gourma and also including poetry, dance and traditional Gulmu wrestling.

Réserve de Pama: The reserve de Pama is part of a large complex of protected areas in the SE of Burkina Faso and in the neighbouring countries Benin and Niger. An entrance to the northern part of the reserve is just a few km East of Fada on the road to Niamey.


Central market of Fada N'Gourma
Traditional beehives producing the 'Miel du Gourma'


Marché day is every Sunday, and the Fada marché seems to offer just about the same stuff as other marches in relatively big villes


There are a couple of pretty good alimentations where you can find things like tuna in water. In general, you can support the east by buying things like Miel du Gourma (not to be confused with imitation products like Miel Naturel du Gourma), Biala drinking water, and Lait du Gourma milk and yogurt (it’s delicious).



Street food and snacks


There are plenty of buvettes, but one of the nicest would have to be La Plage, not because their drinks are cold but because they’re located at the beach.



Post Office

Open M-F 7:30 – 12 and 15:00 – 17:00


"Le Cyber la poste" Post Office en face du marché

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